Stööki x Flaare x HLP Students T-Shirt Collaboration out now! 👕⚡👀

FLAARE and STÖÖKI are proud to share the story of a unique partnership. This ‘brand collab meets student work experience’ has been a hit over the past 12 weeks resulting in the t-shirt collection you see here! 


FLAARE is an initiative led by creative entrepreneurs with a purpose to "create, learn, build, earn". Working with young children, the group is embarking on a journey to inspire talented, young people to delve into creative and entrepreneurial paths of their own.

The FLAARE x STÖÖKI collection is live! These young entrepreneurs are hoping you will  jump aboard their creative journeys to create, learn, build and earn by buying and repping the collection. 

FLAARE aims to give the teenagers both the inspiration and the facilities to begin to find their path within the industry through a piloted six-week programme, which will see the kids through mentoring, workshops and after-school sessions at Haringey Learning Partnership, (HLP).

Kicking off with vision-boarding at Thames Side Studios, the young entrepreneurs (students at Haringey Learning Partnership) collaborated with Hackney born fashion brand STÖÖKI to co-design, brand, and print a collection of limited edition FLAARE x STÖÖKI t-shirts. They have modelled in two awesome photo shoots at Thames Side Studios and Alexandra Palace and been interviewed by STÖÖKI’s camera team  for social media content, gaining confidence and entrepreneurial skills throughout the creative process.

In interviews asked to describe FLAARE in one word, Ashton talks about, “opportunity", Sheldon goes for "fun”. We hear how the creative process has taught them about design, fashion, starting your own businesses and using social media to sell and market your own product. Talking to future FLAARE entrepreneurs, Amario's advice is to "trust the process". Brenda highlights how “taking the actual pictures is pretty cool."

Sheldon calls this collab a "journey" and Ashton tells us how, despite early reservations about being bored, his mindset has been turned around by the immersive process, getting to know STÖÖKI. Seeing this creative work pay off has sparked ideas about a future in fashion, “this is gonna help me a lot in life" he said. 

The finished T-Shirt designs are right here. Have a look for yourself at what the HLP Students created.

Check out our previous blog posts on our sessions with the HLP students. 




Why did Stööki get involved?

Amongst other industry creatives invited to the event, we also joined after FLAARE had reached out to Stööki in search of creatives with experience starting and running a business - in both a creative and operational sense. 

 A humble success, FLAARE's first event saw a diverse group of young creatives within industry, all gathered to impart, not just knowledge, but experience, tips and opinions. 

Meet Izzie Fernandes (Flaare Founder)

Access to opportunity matters. Founder @findyourflaare a creative community on a mission to empower young talent to create, learn, build, earn 🚀

Watch our video interview with Izzie below...