Stööki x FLAARE x HLP Students: Session 4: Lookbook Photoshoot @ Alexandra Palace

Being indoors reminds me of being in a charming vintage summer house, surrounded with its vast, colourful floors and stone textured effect on the walls.



 As we walked in through those doors, one of the first things that caught my attention was the glass ceiling windows. 

We met with some pupils from HLP Secondary School, who volunteered to participate on our photoshoot day. Fortunately, the sun was up and we had a lot of fun creating various shots of different angles and spent as much time getting the most out of the weather. 

This was taken outside of the Alexander Palace building, captured whilst the sun shimmered radiantly as they are leaned against a mural of a singer in a golden dress which flatters the contrast between the black and white style.
A close-up of one of our shirts, signed on the back 'The legacy goes on'. The design created as a personal, special item to enjoy.
Stooki logo printed design 

Standing in front of a statue near the park, we decided to choose this spot as the light played an important role in the mood and luminosity coming through the trees. An ethereal, warm photo with earthy tones. It was certainly a win!  


 This one is in a wide shot close to the lake, nearby an outdoors café, which when you see it seems unreal and beautiful. I was taken aback by the Autumnal fresh nature scene behind where the boys are posing, I loved the reflection of the sky in between the gaps and just how clear this picture came out.


The Skatepark was a great location to hangout and there was a lot of ways to get creative and display the enthusiastic, entertaining side of Stööki.

Thank you so much for catching up with us and reading this far! We hope you liked our day out at Alexander Palace. Love your support! Please let us know if you want to hear more about our behind the scenes in the comments.

Where to next? The students are designing the social campaign, Everpress and
marketing launch. Prepare to pre-order! This campaign goes live 2nd December when the students will hit the catwalk to lead a fashion show! Come and celebrate at the student fashion show daytime event (14:45) or join us that night for the FLAARE launch party (8-till late!).