✨💫 Top 5 Mööd Böösters 💫✨

Check out these simple yet effective activities that  improve your well being. They can help one be focused and engaged in the present. To be conscious of what you're thinking of and what actions you're taking in the current present can be very therapeutic and stress-relieving. Mindfulness can also help with disregarding distractions and helps with relaxation.


Check out our Top 5 MööD Böösters below and drop a comment letting us know your favourite ways to feel gööd...

Written by Natasha


1. Take A Break In Nature 🌳

Since the weather is looking bright and sunny recently - summer is approaching. Take this time to make the most out of it by catching some rays. One suggestion would be a day out to the park, walk alongside the river or maybe have a picnic.
It's a great idea to take in the greenery around you and really appreciate and be present with nature. I know it might sound a little cliché taking a walk but sometimes we get so caught up with our lives we don't have time to enjoy simple things such as this. Earth's little pleasures, the small, simple things in life.


2. Play A Sport 🎾

Sports are proven to be beneficial to your mental health. Staying active and playing sports is a great way to boost your happiness and reduce stress. Sporting activities calm your mind, strengthen your muscles, and improve your overall well-being. It's easy to start playing sports and receiving these benefits in your life.



3. Arts and crafts 🎨  

Do a creative activity: sketching, painting your environment, maybe even crafting! These activities can help you relieve your stress and explore your creative side at the same time. There are elements of creativity everywhere, you take in and see art every day even though you might not consciously notice it, those things could be music, a theatre you've seen or any type of shape, form or pattern.  


Don't worry about the outcome and about perfecting it but instead enjoy the process and watch the art unfold in front of you.
Some quick sketches for potential future designs
If you want to go the extra mile, how about jewellery making? How does creating and personalising your own jewellery sound? Whilst gaining knowledge and experience about this expertise, at the end of the day you have something nice that you specially made yourself to take home! Head to our website to check out our jewellery making workshop activity




4. Spend Some Quality Time With Friends 😎😊

Since the weather is looking great, this is your opportunity to do something you've been looking to do for a while or something you and your friend both enjoy.
Reconnect and catch up with a friend over coffee or lunch. Sometimes we can feel a little bored or life seems to be a little dreary, so going out and enjoying the day with your friends can really help boost your energy and improve your wellbeing.
Remember to invite out a friend you really vibe with. Don't force yourself, think of someone whose company you enjoy, who you feel at ease at and most importantly someone you can be your authentic self around.

5. Take A Walk Along The River 🌊


City life can often be very faced passed. Taking short, frequent walks near rivers, beaches or lakes can benefit mental health, mood. Taking frequent, short walks near water bodies, like beaches, lakes, rivers, or even fountains may have a positive effect on people's wellbeing and mood.


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