Postwar Modern Gallery

'New Art in Britain 1945-1965'

Barbican -

We're back with our next Art Thursday featyre! Museum Late's are one of our fave things to do in London. You get to visit some of the best gallery's in the city, attend exclusive workshops / talks and there is often a musical element too. We love that they allow you to experience exhibitions from a new perspective.

We attended our first Barbican Late earlier this week and it certainly lived up to the hype! For this weeks #ArtThursday installment, the Stööki Craft Makers headed back in time to see the Postwar Modern exhibition at the Barbican.



Postwar Modern explores the art produced in Britain in the wake of a cataclysmic war.

Francis Newton Souza (Head of a man), Oil on canvas 1965
Francis Newton Souza (Head of a man), Oil on canvas 1965

Growth and Form Exhibition 1951

This gallery demonstrates that it was these very conditions that gave rise to extraordinary and deeply moving art in these years.


'Girl with Roses' by Lucian Freud

Oil on canvas 1947-8

Francis Newton Souza, Mr Sebastian, 1955

This is a period when artists had to make sense of an entirely altered world.


'Townscape', c 1955
Hammer Prints Ltd. (Nigel Henderson and Eduardo Paolaozzi)
Printed wallpaper


Growth and Form Exhibition 1951, Institute of Contemporary Arts

If you're lucky, you can even grab a free chilli plant courtesy of the lovely Barbican catering team whilst you're there. We also had a lot of fun planting with Hackney Herbal!





Check the art gallery out!

Barbican Centre
Silk Street, London

Level 3

Special thanks to Drawgia Illustrates check out her artwork too it's super fresh!