Flaare x Stööki

It was an incredible day with @findyourflaare at @vodaphoneuk HQ! 🌞 Was an honour to be selected by Flaare to be a part of their outreach programme alongside a dope selection of creatives to give back to a talented and very special youth group! 💙


Flaare is an initiative led by creative entrepreneurs with a (motto) to "create, learn, build, earn". Working with young children, the group (is embarking) on a journey to inspire (talented young people) to (delve into) creative and entrepreneurial paths of their own. 


Flaare (aims to give the teenagers both the inspiration and the facilities) to enter (a creative field) through a (piloted) six-week programme, which will see the kids through mentoring, workshops and after-school sessions at (HLP?). 

    Flaare Marketplace - the culmination of (Flaare’s mentorship programme) during which the kids will have the opportunity to (pitch and sell their own brainchild - their own products which, through the mentorship of Flaare, they will pitch and sell.


    Check out our recap video below!




      Why did Stööki get involved?

      Amongst other industry creatives invited to the event, we also joined after Flaare had reached out to Stooki in search of creatives with experience starting, running and operating a business - in both a creative and operational sense. 

      A humble success, Flaare’s first event saw a diverse group of entrepreneurs and creatives within industry, all gathered to impart, not just knowledge, but experience, practical advice and inspiration for the youth group. 

      Meet Izzie Fernandes (Flaare Founder)

      Access to opportunity matters. Founder @findyourflaare a creative community on a mission to empower young talent to create, learn, build, earn 🚀



       Meet the Creative Entrepreneurs!..

      PiNS (Artist)


      Afroani (Beauty / Hair essentials)



       Louis Halpenny (Artist)


       Joe (PLEESECAKES Founder)


      Hipish Vintage (Vintage Fashion)




       Tomi (Boy Braids Founder)


      We will be releasing video interviews with each Creative Entrepreneur söön so sat locked... 👀