The Stööki 'Self-Made' Spotlight Series shines a spotlight on independent creatives who are doing bits with their craft.

The fourth instalment in our 2021 'Self-Made' Spotlight Series continues with DIY pop sensation Foxgluvv. We hung out with the queer pop musician in North London and found out more about her biggest inspiration and why she thinks being a self-made artist is important. We also were lucky enough to hear an exclusive play of her upcoming track! Check out the photoshoot and Q&A below… ⚡🔦👀

Name: Foxxgluv


1. What’s your craft?

I’m a queer Pop musician. I would say that my craft is a mixture of songwriting artistry and just being a general creative. I really love to be creative, make music and art so I would say that’s my craft.


2. What’s your story?

I would say that my story is a long journey of acceptance leading me to being my authentic self, making music and being unapologetic about who I am and what I like.



3) What’s important to you about being Self-Made?

Being self made is important to me because you get to choose how people perceive you and what you believe. I think it’s important to be able to choose your own narrative, you don’t have anyone telling you how to fit into a certain box, or to do a certain thing or look a certain way. It means you can just be yourself and that is the most important thing about being self made to me.


4) What’s your main source of inspiration?

My biggest source of inspiration is the LGBTQ community and the queer Pop music scene. For so long I had to struggle as to what sound I wanted to have and where I would sit in music industry as a gay woman. I found that with the queer music scene and by being a DIY artist I found a home.




5) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? & What advice would you pass forward?

The best piece of advice I have been given is to not rush your art. I spent so much time in university just trying to get music ready and have new music, but I think to have something that is important to you and something that means something you have to take a bit more time. You have to put a bit more work in and pay attention to detail. It can’t just be like a snap your fingers and it’s done type of thing.

I think the advice that I would give to other people is to just make what makes you happy. As I said I've spent so long trying to find what it was that wanted to do and make, that once I found that I was like “this is it!’ like a light bulb just went off. I think when you find that moment you should just hold on to it.


6) Describe your personal style + influences?

I would describe my personal style as eclectic. I love clashing prints and all shades of pinks and lilacs. Anything high-fem or anything sort of campy and extravagant is just like what I look for in an outfit.




7) What’s your biggest inspiration?

I’m super inspired by the drag community and emphasising femininity. When I'm on stage and doing shoots like this I’m a lot more high-fem and it’s more of a character performance than is is to me on a daily basis.

My favourite genre of music is Pop music. I love all flavours and areas of pop music. Queer pop music.. Left field pop music.. Songs that I can't get out the head at the moment: Anything by Megan Thee Stallion - just constantly on loop, Kehlani, King Princess just all of those great queer artists.


8) What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen or heard?

I think the funniest thing I've seen on heard at the moment has to be anything on TikTok. I spend hours just scrolling and scrolling and scrolling wasting time. But I think TikTok is the funniest source of entertainment I have in my life at the moment right now. 


9) How would you describe the Stööki Movement?

I would describe the Stööki Movement as being very inclusive. It feels very much to me like a kind of family vibe. Like no matter who you are and what you believe in these pieces of jewellery tell that story and can bring people together. I really love how all the pieces have different meanings behind them. It’s not just like that looks nice it, it happens to look really nice but all has meaning behind it and I think that's really cool.


10) What are your plans for 2021?

World domination.. Just kidding. My plans for 2021 are to make more music, to work with more people and just kick ass! 


11) What would you like your Legacy to be?

I would like to be an inspiration to other queer artists who want to make music and to make anyone who listens to music to hear themselves being represented and tell their stories and experiences.


11) Tell us about your next release?

This is an exclusive, but my next single is called ‘Lemon’. It’s all about not wanting to get on people’s nerves and not wanting to annoy people or cause any issues. It's about having a realisation when someone is having that behaviour and changing their actions. It's part of my next E.P. and it's coming out at some point helpfully in summer depending on covid. I’m really excited to get it out as it’s been two years in the making.




12) Where can people come and see you play live next?

I'm going on tour with another queer artist called Thomas Aspaul. He's really cool and makes Pop/Disco music and he’s actually from black country as well which is where I’m from, like the Birmingham area. So we bonded over that and we got to talking and he invited me on tour. We will be hitting up a few gay bars in the UK and just having a sick queer club night! So I’m looking forward to it. Head to Tom to find out more.

15. Where can people check out more of your work?



Check out Foxgluvv's 'Self-Made' Spotlight Series video below #StookiMovement
Photography & Video by: @stooki @dj_lukey @nadstooki
Creative Direction: @Danialburgess_
Executive producer: @Maya_Stooki
Music by: Foxxgluvv - '1:00am' 

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