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 1. Was the wax carving jewellery making process what you expected?

Elif: I found the experience to be both fascinating and enjoyable. It was amazing to watch the transformation of a simple wax block into a unique and beautiful ring. The process of carving the wax was both challenging and rewarding. It required a lot of patience and skill, but the end result was definitely worth it.


Giovanna: I've made a research into the world of jewellery trends, scouring for inspiration. Combining my personal flair, influences from icons such as Vivienne Westwood and Chrome Hearts, and Stööki's signature aesthetic, I sketched a set of ring designs.



2.Talk us through your design process?

Elif: I found that designing my ring digitally allowed me to have more creative control and explore a wider range of possibilities than I would have been able to otherwise.



3. Talk us through your design?

Elif: I'm thrilled with the way my ring turned out as it is exactly what I had envisioned. I wanted a versatile piece that would be suitable for anyone to wear, regardless of gender or personal style. That's why I worked hard to create a design that was both elegant and understated, with clean lines and a timeless look that would stand the test of time. I think it's important to have jewelry that you can wear every day, and this ring is just that - a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I hope that others will appreciate its simplicity and versatility as much as I do.

4. What are you overall thoughts about the experience?

Elif: Overall, I would highly recommend the wax carving workshop to anyone who is interested in jewelry making or just looking for a fun and creative activity. The experience was both educational and enjoyable.


5. Taking Photos

Looking for fun things to do in London? Why not get creative and make something special with this jewellery making template class in Greenwich.

With the help and guidance of experienced jewellery technologist, Nadia and Stooki's creative director, Luke, you will learn step-by-step how to craft your very own template for a personalised ring or pendant.

Don't worry if this is your first time trying your hand at making your own jewellery templates – this fun and friendly London jewellery making class will guide you through a range of techniques as you gain insight into the fun and crafty world of DIY jewellery. 



Attendees started the workshop by getting inspiration and sketching.

Enjoy adding your own unique touch to a wax ring or pendant master as you soak up the fun and creative atmosphere of this social craft workshop.

By the end of your DIY jewellery fun, you will have the option to turn your personalised wax ring or pendant master into a wearable piece of jewellery – an extra cost is involved in doing this so please chat to your teacher about your options and see the add-ons information at checkout.

You'll leave this London craft class with a whole host of newfound jewellery making knowledge and a wax ring or pendant template to use for your own piece of bespoke jewellery.


Attendees getting hands on with wax


Standard Ticket Price is £50

Add-ons available in this class

  • Silver ring (£70)
  • Brass 18k gold-plated ring (£85)
  • Silver pendant (£75)
  • Brass 18k gold-plated pendant (£90)
  • Sterling silver curb necklace (£15)
You can add these when you book (optional).

On the top are the wax carvings that students make during their sessions, and on the bottom are some examples of Stööki's latest collection (made using the same wax carving proccess)

   Knowledge Required?

Completely beginner-friendly!

What You'll Get

  • A wax ring or pendant template to customise with your own design.
  • The option to turn your template into a piece of jewellery, for an extra cost.
  • Free on-site parking if required.


Nadia takes her time with every student, making sure they get everything they want out of the workshop


Thames-Side Studios Harrington Way, Warspite Road, Royal Borough of Greenwich SE18 5NR London


Stööki is more than handcrafted jewellery, it's a movement. Beginning in 2011, Stööki has presented various themed jewellery collections through interactive art and immersive events. The Stööki movement aims to promote co-creation and audience participation inspired by youth culture.

Come along to one of our engaging jewellery making workshops and experience the Stööki lifestyle as you craft and create something personal to you.



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