Continuing the REFORM photo series, NTI has been producing new imagery as part of a concept shoot for Stööki’s last collection. The two previous blog posts highlighted the questions of Reform put to Bamba and musician, Two Gospels. This time, NTI talks to Elijah Hook.

Below he shares his thoughts on the concept of Reform.

Name: Elijah Hook

Occupation: Recording Artist

Insta: @elijah_hook

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NTI: What does “REFORM” mean to you?
Elijah Hook: Reforming the shape of your body.

NTI: How did you reform your life?
Elijah Hook: I got a tattoo of my next project title TCTL while i was still working on it. I know it’s going to change my life.

NTI: Are there limits to human creativity?
Elijah Hook: I think there are limits in the art forms we use to express ourselves but not within creativity.

• MODEL: @elijah_hook


• STYLING: @lawrie_abei

• LOCATION: Berlin 🇩🇪

• Stööki Jewellery: Terrain Choker

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