As announced in the previous post, Berlin based photographer NTI has been producing new imagery as part of a concept shoot for the latest Stööki collection.

Last week we launched with images and an interview featuring Two Gospels. Today we present our second instalment featuring Bamba.

Below he shares his thoughts on the concept of Reform with photographer, NTI.

Name: Bamba

Occupation: Student & Music Lover

Insta: @bamba_blvck_boy_

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NTI: What does “REFORM” mean to you?
Bamba: Reform is a big thing. Reform can be positive but also negative at the same time, so one has to adapt to the Reform that one takes. In life, sometimes it's good to leave things behind and grow as an independent individual. Reform for me can be made everywhere, in behaviours or in life. Reform is definitely a theme that everyone deals with once.

NTI: How did you reform your life?
Bamba: Everyday I'm thinking about the future and being someone who can help a lot of people in a bad situation, like the children who haven't got the possibilities to make their dreams come true no matter what it is. Whether it's football or music etc. I just want to be someone who can assist them and show them that everything is possible, but you also need to take risks or make sacrifices at all working hard is the key. Started from the bottom to get on the top.

NTI: Are there limits to human creativity?
Bamba: This question is rhetorical I think. Of course not, creativity is something one can never stop. From art to innovations in science. Creativity to humans is never a limit. There will be always something to discover or to create that nobody else has done before. In music or science, creativity has always been used as a form to be different than others! Creativity will never be a limit to humans.

• MODEL: @bamba_blvck_boy_


• STYLING: @lawrie_abei

• LOCATION: Berlin 🇩🇪

• Stööki Jewellery: Cano Necklace & Magma Medallion

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