We are gassed to introduce this new photo series in collaboration with German photographer NTI featuring some of Berlin’s freshest creatives. This concept shoot delves into each individuals idea of what the term “Reform” means to them alongside some sick shots featuring Stööki Jewellery from the collection of the same name.

To start this weekly series off, NTI spoke to musician Two Gospels. Check out his thoughts and pics after the jump.

Name: Two Gospels

Occupation: Recording Artist

Insta: @twogospels

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NTI: What does “REFORM” mean to you?
Two Gospels: Reform to me, means change and becoming the best human you can be in the short time we have.

NTI: How did you reform your life?
Two Gospels: I reformed by following my passions and being as human as can be.

NTI: Are there limits to human creativity?
Two Gospels: There are no limits. Your mind can do amazing things. Creativity only stops when you want it to.

• MODEL: @twogospels


• STYLING: @lawrie_abei

• LOCATION: Berlin 🇩🇪

• Stööki Jewellery: Cano Necklace, Terrain Choker & Magma Medallion

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