Concluding the Reform photo series, this week NTI talks to Bishop who gives an insight into what Reform means from his point of view.

Name: Bishop / Red Music

Occupation: Recording Artist

Insta: @thatredmusic

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NTI: What does “REFORM” mean to you?
Bishop: Reform means the process in which one acknowledges error or fault and attempts to correct it for the better.

NTI: How did you reform your life?
Bishop: Everyday is a reformation. From learning how to take control of your emotions, to learning how to cut carrots better. I’d say my biggest reformation was having a child. From the moment they’re in the world, you now have something that relies on you for everything, and that requires a huge amount of sacrifice. You are no longer your whole world. They are.

NTI: Are there limits to human creativity?
Bishop: I heard somewhere that the mind is ever expanding. Like the universe. If that’s true then I guess it’s limitless.

• MODEL: @thatredmusic


• STYLING: @lawrie_abei

• LOCATION: Berlin 🇩🇪

• Stööki Jewellery: Cano Necklace & Magma Medallion

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