'ART FUSION' - Jenny BM x James Vargas @ Brunswick Art Gallery

8 JULY - 17 AUGUST 2022



This week's #ArtThursday feature led us to Russell Square in West London to experience a 45 minute live collaboration performance between artist Jenny BM and saxophonist, James Vargas at the Brunswick Art Gallery.

Jenny-Brenda Musungay is a Congolese British Mixed-Media Artist, Graphic Designer and poet born in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Her digital art and collages picks up heavily from themes of spirituality and Buddhism, highlighting points related to the heart chakra (love healing) and sacral chakra (sexuality creativity). 
James Vargas is a British saxophonist that has played with the likes of Boy George on tour.

It was a sunny Thursday evening in West London and we found the gallery from the outside by hearing the sounds of the saxophone playing.... 

Jenny in action making the canvas during the performance, 2022

We walked in to see the live performance had just begun between the two creatives. James Vargas, who is well renowned in his musical field, was supplying the soundtrack to Jenny's artistic process of putting paint to canvas.

This collaborative show was part of the Brunswick Art Gallery's "Louder & Prouder" event programming that came to a close on the 17th of August. The larger summer exhibition was a celebration of LGBTQ+ artists that included Omer Gaash, Villain, Joey Collins, Stuart Forrester, Rin Coppola, Gavin Dobson and Jenny BM to name a few.

To see art created in the way that Jenny BM works was quite a juxtaposition considering the space that this event was taking place was in; a very polished art gallery with marble floors. It was definitely a good thing seeing the gallery owners open to such a radical idea and not sticking to the traditional ways of how private views are normally run. It opens up the avenue of fine art to a whole new audience and potentially capture the interests of a younger demographic that could spark ideas and who knows, maybe move on to be the next "big thing" in the art world.

The Shift Ring in silver from the Reform Collection worn by Jenny on the night, 2022

Jenny BM wore some Stööki jewellery while she was creating her art. This encapsulates the #StookiMovement in a nutshell by incorporating art with the music firsthand. 

The set up of this event was cool by having the live art in the middle of the gallery amongst all the other displayed works. Here are some of the pieces that stood out to us whilst we were enjoying the instrumentals of James Vargas tunes being played in the background.

"Monumental Reclining Nude" by Steven Lovatt

DIESEL: "My Gay Love Made Public" by Jenny BM

Jenny BM's art has layering of different mediums, similarly to collages in an editorial style. Her art is inspired by artists such as Hannah Höch, John Heartfield and Romare Bearden. This is one of the 3 pieces on display in the gallery that initiated the collaboration between James and Jenny. We will talk more about this in a future blög störy!

"Koi" by Julie Ann Scott

Utopian Love Stories, 2022

The finished piece that was created during the live collaboration was a combination of Jenny's signature style of painting over denim with acrylics on a canvas. "Utopian Love Stories" has spray paint and overlaid words that coincided with a poem that was recited by Jenny on after the performance. This 1 of 1 artwork is currently for sale in the gallery!

The exhibition is now closed but keep an eye out for the next Art Fusion event that will be happening at the Brunswick Gallery very soon! For more info head to the official Brunswick Gallery website.



The Brunswick Art Gallery,

68 The Brunswick Centre,




We managed to interview Jenny about the experience and how the collaboration came about….released in a separate post coming soon!

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