Nadia talks about the process of running a business, how it all started, what inspires her and useful resources to utilise in growing a brand.

Episode Description

Rayo spoke with Nadia, the co-founder of lifestyle and jewellery brand Stööki.
Nadia and her fellow co-founders launched Stööki in 2011 and have been running the business now for just over 10 years. Despite the ups and downs faced by the trio, Stööki is a remarkable brand that is growing from strength to strength. The brand has been seen on the likes of Anthony Joshua and they made exclusive pieces for performers at the 2018 MTV EMAs. In this episode, Nadia shares how Stööki was able to collaborate with Topman early on in their business journey, how they utilised pop up shops to build brand awareness and also the realities of working full time on your brand.



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"Stööki was built off the foundation of three friends sharing the same interest and it came about so organically"


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