#ArtThursday ‘5 Needle, 5 Wire’ Curated by Wendy Elia and Roxana Halls (InFems Art Collective)


 5 Aug till 21 Aug 2022

Curated by Wendy Elia and Roxana Halls
Preview: Friday 5th August, 6-9pm. Panel discussion between Tamsin Hong, curator, Tate, and exhibiting artists from 6-7pm. Free, all welcome.

This week's #ArtThursday feature took us back to the gallery space at Thames-Side Studios for the group show by the InFems Art Collective.

Panel discussion between Tamsin Hong, curator, Tate, and exhibiting artists from 6-7pm.

The panel discussion between the curator of TATE exhibitions, Tamsin Hong, some of the exhibiting InFems artists as well as members of the public, was really insightful. We stumbled across this interesting conversation when we visited the private view on the opening night and were lucky enough to hear from the some of the female artist themselves. They indulged in a round table-like talk that was an open and honest conversation about life as a female artist and some of the struggles that are faced on an everyday basis in the art industry.

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Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf - Echos in the Dark

Marie-Anne Mancio - Bouquet for a Loving Echo / Drowned Narcissist postcard

 Roxana Halls - Laughing With My Mouth Full


"5 is a key number in so many systems. Religions - Five Pillars of Islam, five-faced Shiva, the Hindu god, Christ’s Five Sacred Wounds, the Five Books of Moses, five sacred Sikh symbols; the five elements of the Ancient Greeks - earth, water, air, fire, and spirit; the five virtues in Chinese philosophy - generosity, kindness, gravity, sincerity, and earnestness, and so on."


Sarah Maple - Mojave Cloak, Subway Cloak, Playground Cloak

Alannah Currie - Fuck the Fucking Fuckers banner

Vicki DaSilva - LoudMacLeod

The Intersectional Feminist Art Collective (InFems) purposefully create spaces for community and connection by showcasing art and the issues surrounding intersectional feminism that is accessible to all. The collective stemmed from the original 5 co-founder members; Roxana Halls, Marie-Anne Mancio, Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf, Adelaide Damoah & Wendy Elia. The shows they put on have always evolved out of a common interest in both the potential of intersectional feminism to provoke discussion around the issues facing women today and in their explorations of the female body.

Carmen and Luisa - Lol


Sarah Maple - Anti Rape Cape




Thames-Side Studios
TW-127, Harrington Way
Warspite Road
Royal Borough of Greenwich
London SE18 5NR


Adelaide Damoah
Wendy Elia
Roxana Halls
Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf
Marie-Anne Mancio

Guest artists:
Annie Attridge
Alannah Currie
Carmen and Luisa
Vicki DaSilva
Sarah Maple
Farrah Riley Gray
Fiona Robinson
Tina True
Julie Umerle
Jessica Voorsanger
Chloe Wing

For more information about the InFems Collective, you can visit their website here: https://www.infems.com/