Turps Off-Site Programme Leavers Show @ Thames-Side Gallery

Tempo, Sam King @samking_art

Preview: Friday 1 July, 5-8pm
2 Jul till 9 Jul 2022

We are excited to release our next Art Thursday blög störy! - featuring Turps Banana, who are delighted to invite you to the Turps Off-Site Programme Leavers Show at Thames-Side Studios Gallery.

The exhibition brings together thirteen Off-Site Programme painters who are leaving their artist-led painting programme course this year.

Turps is an artistic organisation who run Turps Magazine - a publication "about painting written by painters".

Turps also runs a school, named Turps Art School, where they seek to teach aspiring painters "within a supported studio could flourish in a climate where there is growing disquiet about the quality of painting tuition, inadequate tutorial input and isolation in traditional studio set ups."

The Off-Site Programme is held here at our very own Thames-Side Studios.




We had a chance to survey some of the work in the gallery space the Friday before the official opening. Being able to see the amount of talent housed in the studios which we never get to see was unreal and an exciting experience.

Up Must Down, Chris Burns @chrisburns_

Shadow Like Chocolate, JJMorgan @jjmorganartist

A selection of residents at Thames-Side Studios exhibiting in the Gallery space

Carefully curated into a treasure trove of artworks and creations, the exhibition was made by all the studio holders that were available to interact with on the day. Along with a physical directory so people could come into and find their way around the gallery space, the journey along the walls was intertwined by spotting the style of each exhibitor and their artworks. Most artists had at least two pieces on show throughout the space.

Floored, Katrina Lyne-Watt @katrina.lyne.watt

Quality Times, Jasminka Letzas @jasminka.letzas

Quality Times, Jasminka Letzas (close-up) @jasminka.letzas

Limbless but not Defeated by Ingrid Petersen @ingrid.petersen.148


Untitled (Landscape), Tom Morgan @morgan.tom


Tempo, Sam King @samking_art



Nothing I ain't scared of (film still), Ethan Caflisch @ethancatflisch



Kitchen sink drama, Catherine Lette @catherineletteart


Humpty Dumpty, Catherine Lette @catherineletteart


Humpty Dumpty (close up), Catherine Lette @catherineletteart


Auto Trance Portrait of a Marriage, Melissa Alley @melissa__alleyy


These are just a few of our favourite paintings from the show that we have highlighted in this post.


Children of Eternal Misfortune, Chris Burns @chrisburns_


Out of Puff, JJMorgan @jjmorganartist

Artists Featured:

 Melissa Alley
Chris Burns
Ethan Caflisch
Sam King
Catherine Lette
Jasminka Letzas
Katina Lyne-Watt
JJ Morgan
Tom Morgan
Jennifer Morrison
Ingrid Petersen
Caroline Thomson
Mia Vallance

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