‘Our Time on Earth’ @ Barbican




Back again with another Art Thursday Feature, and this week we'll be sharing with you the details of our exciting trip to the 'Our Time on Earth' exhibition held at the Barbican - an exhibition we had been meaning to visit for quite some time.

We attended 'Our Time on Earth' earlier on this week after hearing quite a bit about the exhibition! For this weeks #ArtThursday instalment, the Stööki Craft Makers went to check out an artistic portrayal of our natural world, exploring the crossways different perspectives ranging from "art, science, activism – and more".

Model showing nature-based water sharing and cleansing infrastructure

 Smikra Wahikwa, "The Future Is Ancestral" - Sônia Guajajara, Célia Xakriabá & Choose Earth Collective - Fabric Forest, 2022

Curated by creatives Caroline Till and Kate Franklin, the exhibition is a perceptive response to the way in which we are living our lives today, in an era of information. It seeks to ask important questions about our modern lifestyles, what could be and the choices we could make about the world around us.


Refuge For Resurgence - Superflux, 2021

Ane Crabtree, Zero Waste Weaver Blue Mask, Natural and synthetic wool

The artworks on display take inspiration from Indigenous communities. Exploring and highlighting the way their landscapes and homes  have been exploited by the West and affected by climate change. This in turn has it's  ethical complexities as the collaborators on The Symbiocene have taken a verbal Smart Oath of Understanding to protect the communities’ intellectual property.



 Ane Crabtree, Drone Shepherd Mask, Taxidermy buffalo hide, plywood, foam, wool & High Altitude Bot Herder Chaps, Natural and synthetic wool

An exhibition conceived and curated by Barbican International Enterprises

Co-produced by Musée de la civilisation, Québec City, Canada



Silk St, Barbican, London EC2Y 8DS