The Stööki 'Self-Made' Spotlight Series shines a spotlight on independent creatives who are doing bits with their craft.

We are excited to share our fifth installment in our 2021 'Self-Made' Spotlight Series with the mega talented artist Jenny BM. We were kindly invited down to her studio North West London to hang out for the day, saw her creative process in action and got a sneak peek of our special collaboration piece!
We hung out and gained an insight in to Jenny BM's sources of inspiration and why she thinks being a self-made artist is important. Check out the photoshoot and Q&A below… ⚡🔦👀

Name: Jenny BM

City: London

1. What’s your craft?

Hey, my name is Jenny B, I'm a Congolese- British Graphic Designer, Artist and Poet (Spoken word) based in West London.

My main craft is Collage and Acrylic painting... Neo-expressionism is my thing, Although I'll do abit of Digital Art now and then.


2. What’s your story?

I was born in Kinshasa the capital of The Democratic Republic of Congo. At 15 months me and my family moved to Johannesburg, South Africa - lived there until I was 9 then we relocated to West London,  Bayswater area.

I got into Art at a very young age - drawing characters from The Adventures of Tin tin (my father was a fan and he taught me how to draw one of the characters on a motorcycle).

I then started drawing anime characters - such as Dragon ball Z , One piece and then moved on to life drawing and painting etc.

In College I studied Fine Art History. I enjoy experimenting and exploring different methods and techniques- I liked the idea of combining Art and technology so I studied Graphic Design at the University of Westminster. So some of my Art works are digitally based.



3) What’s important to you about being Self-Made?

The importance of being Self-made - to me is the journey. The late nights,  the rejections, the acceptances, Self efficiency, not relying on others, and the self discovery contributes to where I am today, and I am grateful for the experiences leading to what I believe is my success. This is something I earned through hard work and SMART working. It's rewarding.

Jenny BM wears

CONNECTION Bracelet - Silver


4) What’s your main source of inspiration?

My main source of inspiration would have to be poetry - mainly love poems and spirituality.

I am a very emotional painter. When I get passionate about a subject I apply it to the Art I create.




5) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? & What advice would you pass forward?

The best piece of advice I've been given was to do what makes me happy and to live my life for me.

The advice I'd pass on is; Do not go with the flow, be the flow. And worry about what you're doing, not what others are doing.


Jenny BM wears

RISE Pendant & Necklace - Silver


6) Describe your personal style and influences?

I love collage - all my pieces have a mixture of collages and Acrylic paint. - The rough handling of materials is my style, Overall Neo-expressionism.

Some of my influences are Romare Bearden, Hannah Höch and Picasso (his use of colours and appreciation for the female anatomy).




7What's your favourite genre of music? Song you can't get out of your head right now...

I’m super inspired by the drag community and emphasising femininity. When I'm on stage and doing shoots like this I’m a lot more high-fem and it’s more of a character performance than is is to me on a daily basis.

My favourite genre of music is Pop music. I love all flavours and areas of pop music. Queer pop music.. Left field pop music.. Songs that I can't get out the head at the moment: Anything by Megan Thee Stallion - just constantly on loop, Kehlani, King Princess just all of those great queer artists.


8) What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen or heard?

Someone was trying to cheer me up with a Fantasy novel (as I like fantasy stories), they ordered it to my flat (so thoughtful), I opened it to find it was a children's book. They tried again...I opened the package... and it was another children's book.


9) How would you describe the Stööki Movement?

I would describe the Stooki movement as a 'For The Creatives, by The Creatives'. Legacy and being self-made.

Jenny BM wears

CONNECTION Necklace - Silver


10) What are your plans for 2021?

This year I plan to have a few exhibitions, and hopefully exhibit abroad too.  I also plan on collaborating more with clothing brands etc.


11) What would you like your Legacy to be?

I guess I would like to be a Household name.

Jenny BM wears

HAVANA Bracelet - Silver



12) Where can people check out more of your work?

You can check out more of my work on my website, the link is on my Instagram profile: @jennybm_artist




Check out Jenny BM's 'Self-Made' Spotlight Series video below #StookiMovement
Photography & Video by: @stooki @dj_lukey @nadstooki
Executive producer: @Maya_Stooki
Music by: @whoissjordy - 'Elevate'
Special thanks to Photographer Lee Smyth and model Kenan Kian for the images used in the Jenny BM x Stööki collaboration art piece.

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