New Music Friday: Prinz

We're back with a New Music Friday! This week we linked up with music artist, producer and content king Prinz! Drawing comparisons to a young KSI, Prinz persistently elevates the standard for musicians who create content.

Boasting a TikTok following of 1.3 million, Prinz is among the most auspicious artists to emerge from the UK music scene this year. He is revered by an expanding fan base for his entertaining content creation and musical prowess. His most recent single, "Highs & Lows," has garnered significant attention on social media, amassing nearly 5 million streams on Spotify alone. Check out the Q&A and photoshööt below... 👀



@stookijewellery New Music Friday: @Prinz 💫 Check out the Q&A and full feature! Prinz, @GABRIELA BEE @A1 x J1 ‘Highs & Lows’ Remix is our now 🔊🔥👀 • • • #newmusicfriday #prinz #stooki #music #artist #uk #gabrielabee #A1xJ1 #highsandlows #fyp #foryoupage ♬ Highs & Lows - Prinz & Gabriela Bee


Nadia: Hey everybody! We're here at the Stööki Studio and we have a very special guest with us today for our new New Music Friday feature… So please can you introduce yourself and let us know a bit about who you are and what you do?

Prinz: I'm Prinz. I make music, content over on TikTok, YouTube, everywhere.  I’m just grinding, and I recently made a new song.


Nadia: That's amazing. How's it going so far? 

Prinz: It's going great! A lot of people are enjoying the music, supporting and relating to it. It’s going well.

Nadia: So how did you get into making music? 

Prinz: Literally, I used to listen to music on my mum's iPod when I was like a baby on repeat. And then it’s actually a funny story about how I actually got into it. I moved houses and I was playing games before but when I moved my WiFi wasn't good enough. So I was like you know what, I'm gonna have to do something that doesn't involve Wi-Fi. So I just started making music in my free time.

Nadia: That's so cool. So tell us about your single ‘Highs and Lows’ and inspiration behind the song? 

Prinz: I heard the original ‘I’ll Be There - Walk off the Earth’ version on Gabriela Bee’s page and I really related to me and I was like I’m going to sample this to make it about me and my viewers and what other people might relate with. I just decided to sample it and made a track talking about my life and just people who are going through stuff.

Nadia: Cool. So what is your songwriting process like? Can you talk us through how it all formulates?

Prinz: You know what, I don't even know. I surprise myself sometimes, but usually it's a case of I'll hear a beat and then I'll just download it. I listen to it a couple times and the lyrics will just flow into my head and I'll write them down. Then I record it and I do everything in my room, and then just see how I'm feeling about it.

Nadia: Oh, amazing. So you're quite self-sufficient with your process, because it's all within your space? 

Prinz: Yeah, I like doing stuff myself because I can make it how I want it to be. 

Nadia: Awesome, so who are your music influences currently?

Prinz: Central Cee, Dave, them lot make good music that I relate to, and I enjoy listening to them. KSI showed versatility, the way he's gone from boxing, gaming, YouTube, he's done everything. So he's kind of my inspiration in terms of versatility and Central Cee and Dave show that creativity. So yeah, them two for sure. 

Nadia: So what's your favourite thing about performing live and what's been your favourite show so far?.

Prinz: My favourite thing about performing live is when everyone sings my lyrics back to me. Like that's like the best feeling as an artist when people know your lyrics and they're singing it back to you. 

Prinz: My favourite show would have to be a Wave Party I performed at recently. It’s where you perform to the audience who were in the water. 

Nadia: Oh wow. 

Prinz: It was sick when the beat dropped, there were flames and things. Then the waves started moving, and I just felt like everyone was getting gassed. Everyone was happy and that was good. 

Nadia: What are your goals for 2023/ 2024? 

Prinz: I think for this year I want to release one or two more songs that people relate to, hopefully fingers crossed they go off. I think moving forward my goal is to keep on making music that relates to people. Because for me that's the reason why I started music. It's not really for money or anything. Obviously it's nice getting paid, but at the same time I want to make music that I can listen to or people can listen to in 20 years rather than just music for the now.


Check out Prinz latest freestyle wearing Stööki jewellery below...



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♬ Keep Me - Prinz 💫



Nadia: Yeah I get you. So you want to make that timeless stuff right? So I'm guessing you work quite a lot, so how would you describe your ideal day off? 

Prinz: You know my ideal day off is just resting. Yeah literally I work 24/7, so if I'm able to rest that's like my ideal day off really.





Nadia: You create a lot of awesome content and you have a lot of followers. How do you find a balance between creating content for each one? 

Prinz: I just post my TikTok content on YouTube and everywhere. So as long as I have my TikTok content I have content for like every other platform. So to be honest if a video goes off on TikTok, it will usually go off everywhere else.

Nadia: So how would you describe your fashion style? 

Prinz: You know what, recently I've been changing it up. Obviously Nike tech fleeces are nice but the same way my music is maturing I want my fashion sense to mature. So recently I've been wearing a lot more streetwear, like I’ve been wearing cargos and a lot more streetwear. I think that way people will also see he's dressed up and he’s matured, that will impact me as an artist as well, so I think fashion sense is really important.



Nadia: What do you like about Stööki jewellery and the Stööki Movement in particular, how much do you know so far, and what's your first impression? 

Prinz: One thing I can say as a first impression is that the jewellery looks like that anyone can wear it. It looks mature, I can see my sister wearing this she's 14 and I can see a 30 year old wearing it, it just looks timeless.. Anyone can wear it, that's like my first impression on the jewellery and stuff. 

Nadia: Awesome. Do you have any advice for aspiring artists and content creators that are coming up?

Prinz: Literally all it is, is consistency. I think consistency is the number one thing. You can’t just post once every three months, unless you’re Central Cee, but even Central Cee posts consistently. You've got to post consistently to start off with and find your rhythm and then once you find your rhythm, everything else will do itself for you. Everything will run its natural course, like if your stuff is good and you're posting every single day, eventually one of them will just blow up and then you're set. It's literally just consistency and don't be lazy, I'm very consistent because I know that if I'm not consistent someone who’s more consistent will come and it's a case of you just have to keep working and doing research.

Nadia: And would you kind of advise people not to be so focused on numbers, and waiting for that one thing to go viral? Would you just say just keep going and it will just fall into place?

Prinz: Yeah 100%. With me at the start, I was too focused on numbers, and if my videos weren’t getting a certain amount of numbers it would ruin my whole day. The way I see it, it's a process. The internet is unpredictable. So you'll have your time, it's always going to be up and down. Just keep on going, don't be discouraged by numbers, just be encouraged by supporters, so the people who are actually liking your stuff rather than numbers. 

Nadia: For real, Where can we find more of your music? 

Prinz: Just Prinz, Prinz on all platforms. I recently dropped a remix with A1 J1 so check that out.




Prinz latest single ‘Highs & Lows’ has been blowing up on socials and DSPs with nearly 20 million streams on Spotify alone. It's currently #19 in the Official Tending Chart & #60 in the Official Singles Top 100 Chart (after 4 weeks in the chart). A remix of the single featuring A1 & J1 has also just dropped.

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