LUX Exhibition at 180 Strand - Recap

Written by Tasnim H.

Existing in today’s modern society, the birth of contemporary art has emerged as a gift in this new era of trendy consumers. It combines the world of art and technology, attracting us into a form of escapism where creativity reaches new heights.

Here at Stööki, our ethos is rooted in the frame of our #StookiMovement - where we maintain our multidisciplinary philosophy by consuming the pleasure of multiple art forms, in particular interactive art. Therefore the Stööki Craft Makers couldn’t miss out on one of many immersive events known as the Lux Exhibition.

It’s formally new and was organised by the SUUM project in collaboration with Fact Magazine at London’s 180 Studios, 180 The Strand, an exhibition space at the core of the city’s creative community.

Installation view, ‘LUX’, a’strict, Starry Beach, 2020, courtesy 180 Studios


Across 13 different installations, expressed true animated wonder as the physical and digital worlds slowly merged into one simultaneously aligning with our Stööki lifestyle.

Harnessing the power of 12 exceptional artists: Es Devlin’s sensorial environment, the UK premiere of Refik Anadol’s ‘Renaissance Generative Dreams’, a critical examination on the relationship between materiality & the black psyche by Julian Knxx, including a new kinetic media sculpture called the ‘Flower Meadow’ by Swiss studio for media architecture art studio iart. As well as Korean collective, Je Baak; a’strict’s multisensory installation Starry Beach; Cecilia Bengolea’s 2018 animated-sculpture video series Favorite Positions; works by Cao Yuxi, Carsten Nicolai’s 2014 work UniColor; Random International; Hito Steyerl’s video installation This is The Future - soundtracked by Kojey Radical and Susumu Yokota, and Universal Everything, it set the bar for many upcoming exhibitions.

LUX expands our minds to brand-new possibilities that art captures, with the use of diverse audio-visual tech tools available from 3D projection mapping, quantum computing, VFX software to algorithmic visualisation and many more. It defines the meaning behind artistry as it transcends to unlimited potential.

Installation view, ‘LUX’, Carsten Nicolai, unicolor, 2014, courtesy 180 Studios

‘LUX’, Universal Everything, Transfiguration, 2020, courtesy 180 Studios

‘LUX’, Cao Yuxi, Shan Shui Paintings By AI, courtesy 180 Studios

“The artists in LUX are working at the very cutting-edge of digital technologies, using artificial intelligence, generative and interactive algorithms, dimensional sound, and optical illusion to create a new kind of artistic experiences.” - Dr Jiyoon Lee, LUX Curator & Director of SUUM Project.


Check out the video trailer for the 'Lux' exhibition...