'Walter Sickert' @ Tate Britain


28 April – 18 September

Another #ArtThursday feature and this time we've visited the Tate Britain in Milbank! In an exhibition that saw one of his biggest solo exhibitions since 1992 since a retrospective from the Royal Academy, Walter Sickert's Tate Britain exhibition shines a light on Sickert's often radical, distinctive approach to setting and subject matter. His art frequently depicts different conventional scenarios from various unconventional lenses and perspectives.

Walter Sickert portrait at the entrance of the exhibition

Not only is Tate Britain situated in an upscale, artistically-renowned part of London, it is also a wonderful amalgamation of both modern, contemporary and historic art that includes international art - but also shines a particular spotlight on British art, especially. 

Exhibition banner on our way to the gallery!

We found the exhibition an intriguing journey of one artists exploration and development of fine art and portraiture. The various rooms were divided into different parts of Sickert's career, from the first that unveiled the initial self-portraits up to the most successful works of Sickert's which was the landscape paintings. 

Self-portrait, Pen and Ink on Paper, 1882

This self-portrait was one of the first drawings made by Sickert himself.

The Façade of St Jacques, Oil Paint on Canvas, 1902

The details of the works, especially in the landscape paintings were quite mesmerising that we found ourselves really studying the pictures and getting lost in the scenes that Sickert set through the canvas.


Brighton Pierrots, Oil Paint on Canvas, 1915

The lighting in his paintings was something that Sickert seemed to master over the course of his career. 'Brighton Pierrots' in particular captures a multi-coloured sky that reflects onto the performers stage where you can see the contrast of the light hitting the floor compared to where it has been masked by the figures in the forefront.

We would recommend this exhibition to any fans of traditional art, especially because this a great introduction to Walter Sickert as an artist if it is your first time hearing about him. The journey across the rooms throughout the exhibition highlight the development of one of the most skilled painter of his time. Check it out if you can!



Millbank, London, SW1P 4RG