‘Tiffany & Co - Vision and Virtuosity Exhibition’ @ Saatchi Gallery

10 JUNE - 19 AUGUST 2022

For this week's #ArtThursday feature, we immersed ourselves into the fancily opulent world of Tiffany and Co. in an exhibition which chronicled various visual elements of the brand's rich history.

In what would be the brand's 185th anniversary, the event marked a celebration of almost two centuries worth of "innovation, craftsmanship and heritage" and featured an array of jewels and rare objects displayed to commemorate Tiffany's "authority as the purveyor of the world’s finest diamonds."


A fabulous array of classic Tiffany pieces were on display including pieces from collections of celebrities that the public can see up close

Displayed in a way in which the visitors are taken on a journey through the famed jeweller's archives, the exhibition consisted of seven different chapters - which each explored several different themes central to the Tiffany and Co. brand identity. For example, the legacy of founder Charles Lewis Tiffany; the influence of Jean Schlumberger and Elsa Peretti; a chapter on diamonds and a chapter on Breakfast at Tiffany's!

Blue Box, Circa 3021, Tiffany & Co x Daniel Arsham

Tiffany & co collaborated with contemporary artist Daniel Arsham to create the Bronze Eroded Tiffany Blue Box® seen in the picture above. The project saw a limited series of 49 sculptures that interpreted areas of Tiffany’s heritage through the artist’s “Future Relics” aesthetic, in which Arsham imagines cultural objects as if discovered in the distant future hence the date marked on the pieces.

"Cupid's Arrow" Window Display 2014 ft Heart Pendant, Gold, Platinum & Diamonds, 1896 - 1909

One of the standouts of the exhibition apart from the jewellery on show, was the room that highlighted all the extravagant window displays that Tiffany & Co have put on throughout the years. They all captured particular seasons in time, for example the "Cupid's Arrow" window display was one that would've been showcased in the run up to February and the Valentine's occasion that promoted their love heart collections.

Necklace, Gold, Sapphires, Black Opals, Demantoid Garnets, Enamel, 1915 - 1925

This eye catching necklace is very detailed with a lot of elements to it. It's large focal pendant features a black opal encircled with gold leaves and lines of garnets and sapphires. The pendant itself is then suspended on twisted gold chains which are decorated with jewelled leaves.


Tiffany Diamond AR Mobile Screen Description & @nadstooki Rocking The Diamond Necklace

One of the highly anticipated parts of this exhibition is seeing the iconic Tiffany Diamond necklace that has only been worn 4 times on display and quite the breath taker. It has a room all to itself as you exit the museum, but a fun feature that they added before leaving, is the AR booth where you can try the diamond on and take a selfie with it!

We would recommend this exhibition to any lovers of high end jewellery, so you can see the intricacy and details of these pieces close up. Check it out before it closes in August!




Saatchi Gallery, in Duke of York’s HQ on King’s Road, London, SW3 4RY