A collage of miniature drawings 


Celebrating "XXS art in an XXL exhibition," a gallery in the heart of London, hosted one of the largest exhibitions ever devoted to the viral phenomenon otherwise known as #MiniatureArt.

For this week's #ArtThursday feature, we spoke to Rodelito, who was fortunate enough to have visited the 'Small Is Beautiful' exhibition last week in South Kensington. Comprised of artwork from over 34 different local and international artists, the exhibition featured artwork that all shared one thing in common - size.


Stooki: Describe your experience of the exhibition in one word?

Amazing! It was a great exhibition with art that kept me captivated. I enjoyed it so much, I think I was there at the exhibition for around three hours.


Miniature sculptures of people under a painting


Stooki: What did the exhibition include?

 A variety of great art - all miniature. Some pieces were so small they were viewed through a microscope. There was also a piece carved out from a pencil tip.


Mini figurines within a hole in the wall


Stooki: Did you have a favourite piece?

Rodelito: I enjoyed the microscopic pieces and the pencil carved one. But they were all so great in many different ways.

A drawing of a pianist featuring the use of a shadow


Stooki: Excluding the art, what did you love most about the exhibition?

Rodelito:  The area is great - South Kensington can be a fun place.


Crates and a painter


Stooki: What did you enjoy the least?

Rodelito: Nothing really. It was a shame the exhibition didn't last longer - I look forward to potentially going to another in the future, all the artists have so much more work and I would have like the chance to see more of their other stuff, too.


A miniature flower stand


Stooki: What was your opinion on the venue and surrounding area?

Rodelito: It was a great area for an exhibition. A bustling part of London filled with many other museums, too.

Artists featured:

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79-85 Old Brompton Road

South Kensington

London SW7