'this-place-meant'  #ArtThursday feature at our very own Thames-Side Studios! The Gate Darkroom acts as a portal, creating a space of transformation, a sanctuary away from the distractions of the everyday, to breathe, to think and to explore both alone and collectively. It is from this place of reflecting on our sense of being and belonging in an uncertain world that the exhibition this-place-meant has arisen.

In this-place-meant the practice of analogue photography is not only about 'drawing images with light'. Through the transmission of a wide range of technical knowledge, it is also a way of paying attention to what has been deemed unimportant by mainstream society. Each photographer/artist takes a different journey independently and collaboratively, exploring both traditional forms of photography and the many ways of experimenting with darkroom processes. Within a world of changing realities, things appear out of place and narratives are constantly shifting whilst navigating ways to help rebuild and reconnect.

The exhibition was curated by Sarah Ainslie 



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