#ArtThursdays: Creative Debuts - Art Attack Illustration Exhibition - Recap

It was time for another #CreativeDebuts event, this time to kick off the long Easter bank holiday weekend. The Stööki Craft Makers headed down to the flagship Adidas store in Oxford Street to catch the vibe!


"There’s definitely magic in the air at our events and last week was certainly something special. Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible and brought so much love and positive energy. Our illustration showcase was a huge success and for anyone that missed out the artwork is up all Easter weekend if you want to go and see some truly mind blowing masterpieces, don’t miss out!"
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Written by Nadia A.

From the time we entered the Adidas store, it was a major transformation from the IWD exhibition last month into a VR and illustration world. The first thing we stepped though was the VR installation platform presented by Ozworld. Once the headset was put on, it was an interesting journey to another reality were you could customise a white Ozelia or Ozweego model trainer by adding colours and effects. The trainer was essentially a blank canvas to let imagination run wild which tied in nicely to the rest of what was to be embarked on across the rest of the four floors that lied ahead... 

@nicmacillustration live art, 2022

As in true Creative Debuts tradition, a plethora of illustrators where placed in their zones across the whole store amongst all the merchandise, doing what they do best. Starting with a white canvas, which by the end of the night will be a true representation of each artist and their drawing style.  


@tristann.menard live art, 2022 


Adidas Predator Edge Crystal+ Swarovski Firm Ground Football Boots, 2022


@keomatch live art, 2022 
Scattered throughout the exhibition were more Ozworld interactive installations including a mirrored wall that you could place yourself strategically and picture wearing Adidas gear and an arcade grabber machine with the chance of walking away with a 3D printed Ozweego keyring or necklace which was a nice take away item if you didn't want to shell out some money to buy the real thing.
Exhibited artwork on the shop floor at the Adidas store, 2022 
As usual, there was the tables lined with canvases and various art materials for the public to sit down, take some time away from screens and let their inner artist out. The Stööki Craft Makers took advantage of this too and we had to leave our mark :D
Overall the whole exhibition was an impressive showcase of talented artists that were put together by an all-star line-up of curators including Balany Piti, Captain Kris, Gosh Comics, Luke Adam Hawker, Pal Kumar and Tina Ziegler.