Creative Debuts - International Women’s Month Exhibition - Recap

Written by Eduardo P.

This exhibition showed a great example of wide incredible talent towards the celebration of International Woman's Month.

Here at Stööki, our ethos is rooted in the frame of our #StookiMovement - where we maintain our multidisciplinary philosophy by consuming the pleasure of multiple art forms, in particular interactive art. As so, the Stööki Craft Makers couldn't miss the chance to experience and visit Creative Debuts latest in-person event celebrating International Women's Month.

The event was organised in collaboration with Adidas with at the London flagship store in Oxford Street, utilising 4 massive floors with a multi-dimensional creative extravaganza. 

@saki_and_b live art, 2022


The exhibition showcased over 100 creatives that celebrated women through their unique visual language within their work for this particular event. It was a great showcase for talent and to see it all being put in one place completely aligns with Stööki.

The exhibition was put together by Balany Piti, curator and manager of events at @creativedebuts, Ema Marinova, founder and creative director of @cluster__illustration Maryam Lawal, founder of @houseofafricanart, Mia Maxwell, founder of @femzinelondon, Skye Kelly-Barrettfounder of @roarartists and Tina Ziegler, director and curator at @monikerartfair.

There's also artists such as Fipsi and Asiko.

The whole night gave the opportunity for the public to interact with the live talent and artists and also providing a platform to take part in various workshops, a poetry tree, live art and paintings around each floor. The culmination of all these elements gave a beautiful meaning and a cause for celebration towards women around the world.



The lower ground floor had a poetry tree on show that had various poetry and books giving a perfect celebration towards International Woman's Month.  



The ground floor had live art throughout the evening whilst showing the sculpture "DON'T CRY OVER SPILT MILK" and a start of the art exhibition towards the entrance giving a sense of excitement throughout the venue.



The first floor had workshops such as painting a canvas with friends, painting Adidas shoes while everyone around them takes in the atmosphere and displays all around the space.



The second floor was a small exhibition and also had live painting which allowed everyone around to see the art in action.

Big shout out to Calum that runs Creative Debuts. We are looking forward to the next event happening in April!

Check out Creative Debuts website here and sign up to the next event through the Adidas app.