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The Ambassador, 2021 by Hew Locke


For this week's #ArtThursday feature, we spoke to Godwin, who was fortunate enough to visit the 'In The Black Fantastic' exhibition last week in South Bank. 

It was an exhibition of 11 contemporary artists from the African diaspora, who draw on science fiction, myth and Afrofuturism to question our knowledge of the world.


Ansista, 2019 by Rashaad Newsome


Stööki:  Describe your experience in one word?

 BEAUTIFUL! I loved everything about this exhibition, it was what I anticipated it to be. So much that I went back around twice to look at all the artists' collective pieces all over again to soak in every aspect of the experience.


Stills from series called BLK FMNST Loaner Library, 1989-2019 by Cauleen Smith

Stööki: What did the exhibition include?

Godwin:  It included various art mediums that explore black culture within alternate realities including historical references and science fiction. It featured amazing artists that created paintings,  sculptures, film, photography, and mixed media.


An Early Episode of The Empire's Preemptive Counterattack on the Monstrous Races in the Savage South, 2019 by Sedrick Chisom 


Stööki: Did you have a favourite piece?

Godwin: It’s hard to choose – I would say the one that lingered on my mind afterwards was one of Lina  Iris Viktor's pieces. Her body of work and exhibition section really stood out to me and I liked that she uses black and gold in her pieces of work and what it represents.  

Build or Destroy (Stills From Video) by Rashaad Newsome


Stööki: Excluding the art, what did you love most about the exhibition?

Godwin:  The Hayward Gallery building was amazing, the modern architecture, the interior, the large spaces, it was everything for me. I loved the colour of Iris Viktor’s red room space. The exhibition was like going on a journey exploring different realms of blackness aligning with the theme.


Build or Destroy (Stills From Video) by Rashaad Newsome


Stööki: What did you enjoy the least?

Godwin:  All the artworks were great but if I had to choose it would be one of Tabita Rezaire’s installation which was set up great for what it was, but just for the fact I didn’t understand it and didn’t take away much from it due to not spending a lot of time exploring that piece as much as the others.


Chain Reaction, 2022 by Nick Cave

Stööki: What was your opinion on the venue and surrounding area?

Godwin: Since it was my first time visiting the Hayward Gallery and not being too familiar with Southbank, I  really enjoyed it, nice viewings of the River Thames within an interactive and fun area. I’m looking forward to future exhibitions and events at Haywards Gallery, around Southbank...along with the food booths also!

Artists featured:





Tabita Rezaire 

Sedrick Chisom 




Chris Ofili 

Ellen Gallagher

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