Ariadna Dane - 'Art in the Age of Now' Exhibition #ArtThursdays

Before Ariadna Dane is a self-taught multimedia artist in the UK’s vibrant and exciting capital, she is an nature enthusiast at heart. Influenced by her travels and Siberian upbringing, nature is an essential element in Dane’s craft.  


Written by Tasnim H.

Her artwork is known for its natural aesthetic, containing details of celestial structures, coral wreaths, woodland, fundamental life forms, and organic cells. She strives to mesmerise her admirers to discover a tour of natural wonder, which is the experience that Dane embarks on to reach for inspiration. Leading to a thrilling adventure where the destination is unknown, but the journey is easy-going and intuitive. 

Taking a look into her Basal Elements series, she uses a specific technique influenced by an ancient Japanese paper marbling technique known as ‘Suminagashi’ by a recurring pattern of creating puddles on paper using India ink and soap. These two materials react in a way that can’t be wholly controlled, symbolic of our relationship with nature, leaving off curious expressions enriched with mystery.


The artist enjoys the experimentation process of exploring the many ways to imitate and amplify nature in her work. Similarly, Dane’s “Organic Wreaths” Series is made with alcohol based ink, the more material lending itself beautifully creating natural looking abstract forms and textures. 



Moving on to Dane’s work in the ‘Art in the Age of Now’ exhibition, she expresses how her artworks aimed to capture the beauty and fragility of nature. Dane combined interactivity within her artwork, precisely ‘Augmented Reality’ claiming that it links the physical and the digital world. 

First her art piece showcased an abstract animation and sound of the heartbeat of a blue whale, an endangered species but whose numbers are on the rise, to encourage hope and wish for change.

Another piece featured an animation of a monarch butterfly and a common fly, highlighting the difference between a declining species and one that would outlive us all. The goal was to draw on the emotional response from its visitors to get them to reflect on the future of biodiversity and how we can preserve it.


The lockdown provided Dane ample time and space to test AR, which worked at an advantage as digital art is now at its prime, taking her artistry to the next level. The artist hopes to hone her digital art skills and lengthen her scope of working with Augmented Reality to provide her audience with an immersive experience. 

Get a glimpse of her website - - and follow her on Instagram - @ariadna-dane to keep up with her latest creative ventures.


 Written by: Tasnim H. 

Interviews by: @stooki
Video by: @PurpleContrast
Photography by: @DJ _Lukey
Executive Produced by: @yellowdotart_ @Maya_Mihoc





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