Stööki will be leading an exciting branding workshop at London Careers Festival 2023

Lifestyle & Jewellery brand Stööki will lead a workshop that will explore how to both build a personal and public facing brand.

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Stööki co-founders Luke Hippolyte (Creative Director) and Nadia Abbas (Jewellery Technologist) will speak about their journeys within the creative industry and how they started the #StookiMovement. Through this interactive workshop pupils will explore their values, goals, personality and aesthetic and how these can be formulated into a brandtagline ready for your next elevator pitch.

This session is suitable for pupils in KS3 & KS4.

The maximum capacity for this session is 30 pupils.


Booking for your class

Teachers should book 1 teacher ticket per adult and indicate on their booking form how many pupils will be attending.


About London Careers Festival

The London Careers Festival is a free annual summer event which seeks to connect pupils from primary to post-16 with the world of work, fuelling imaginations, developing skills, and inspiring futures.