Stööki Styled By Shaila Marie

Check out these awesome styling lööks by the mega talented Shaila Marie! We also had a quick chat about how her main sources of inspiration, goals for 2023/24 and what's the most rewarding aspect of being a stylist. Let us know which ones your favourite in the comments...


@stookijewellery Stööki styled by Shaila Marie 🔥🥇👀 • • • #Fashion #StookiStyled #Jewellery #Styling #Menswear #fyp #foryoupage #fypシ #necklace #style #streetwear #shaiskloset #CollageVideo ♬ Level Up - Kwe the Artist


1. How did you get into styling?

I just started an Instagram page in 2019 and I followed my passion!



2. What are some of your main sources of inspiration?

Instagram & Pinterest.


3. Tell us about your recent shoot with Stööki jewellery?

I loved working with Stööki, their jewellery is amazing!


4. What would you consider the most rewarding aspect of being a stylist?

Knowing your client is happy in the outfits you put together for them.


5. Describe your ideal day off?


Chilling with friends & family doing some activities.


6. Who is your dream person to style?

[It would] probably [be] Nicki Minaj.


7. What are your goals for 2023/24?
To style more & more! 

8. What advice would you give aspiring stylists?
Keep going & stay consistent!

9. Where can we find more of your work?
In my portfolio, link in my Instagram bio 

Pieces worn by model 

RISE Necklace
Photography: @alishasarchive