The Stööki 'Self-Made' Spotlight Series series shines a spotlight on independent creatives who are doing bits with their craft.

Next up on our spotlight series we linked up with the very dope Joey XL. The rapper and musician from London recently shot for New Wave Magazine and flexed some Stööki pieces from our Reform and Sector 2045 collections. Check out the behind the scenes shots here. We linked up at the Stööki Studio for a catch up and hear what he has coming next! Here’s what went down…

Name: Joey XL

City: London

1. What’s your craft?

Telling stories through songs.

2. Song you can’t get out of your head…

Double Up - Nipsey Hussle

3. What’s important to you about being Self-Made?

Making the most of opportunities and being able to fall back on yourself if everything goes south, has always been important to me.

4. What advice would you give aspiring artists and creatives?

Don’t take opinions to heart. Create thru the pain and trust the process.

5. Describe your style + influences?

I make deep R&B music, influenced by everything from gospel to pop.

6. What’s your main source of inspiration?

I’m inspired by people who come from the worst situations and still manage to turn it into something incredible. That’s what keeps me going day to day.

7. Your ideal day off?


8. Plans for 2020?

Releasing more music than I ever have. I’m finishing of my first project which I’m most excited about. My best work all in one place. Fun times

9. What you like about The Stööki Movement?

The Stööki Movement is really interesting to me because it’s the perfect example of young creatives doing their thing and bringing people together through their art.

10. Where can people check out more of your work?

Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud. I’m everywhere. Check me out!

Make sure you stream Joey XL’s new EP “Situations” out now! We’ve dropped the track Focus below.

Check out ‘Situations’ the 2-track prelude to Joey XL’s debut project. Listen to his new track ‘Focus ‘ below! 🔊 🔥

Stay locked for the next instalment of the Stööki 'Self-Made' Spotlight Series…