The Stööki 'Self-Made' Spotlight Series series shines a spotlight on independent creatives who are doing bits with their craft.
Our 2021 'Self-Made' Spotlight Series begins with the mega talented 4Stringsz. We linked up with the producer, violinist and composer in Croydon, London. He showed us about a bit as we found out why being a self-made artist is important to him. Check out the photoshoot and Q&A below… 👀
Age:  25
1. What’s your craft?
Contemporary Violinist, Composer and Music Producer

2. Song you can’t get out of your head…
Blinkbeats – Little Nerves
3. What’s important to you about being Self-Made?
I enjoy operating on my own terms and being able to make decisions that others may find risky or uncertain. I think the term self-made should have a different meaning to everyone because we all have different end goals.
4. What advice would you give aspiring artists and creatives?
Always focus on the actual craft it might take years of practice before you fully believe in your art. When you truly believe in your ability it becomes easier to process feedback. Good feedback, bad feedback and feedback that should be ignored. Also make yourself uncomfortable. 
5. Describe your style + influences?
A healthy balance of Rough with the smoov. I listen to all kinds of music, classical, drum n bass, French rap all sorts.  I think my love for oriental film score and composition has definitely shaped my music today and I even sampled anime to make the beat for “Sam Wise- Lizzie"
6. What’s your main source of inspiration?
My main source of inspiration is life and experience, so in order to create I need to feel. Sometimes I cancel my plans to make music and It ends up being my best work, so you could say I'm inspired by the curiosity of what I could create at any given moment also.
 7. Your ideal day off?
In no particular order, fine rum, cubed ice, playing my violin for a couple hours, weights, Guyanese or Nigerian food, great view of the city, a massage and a movie both with happy endings.
 8. Plans for 2020?
Would like to create a distinctive sound that pushes the culture in a new direction. I plan to direct and film some really cool visual content over the next two years with the help of some forward-thinking creatives such as Stooki. I also look forward to collaborating with more of my favourite artists. 
9. What do you like about The Stööki Movement?
I like the Aesthetic of the jewellery and the fact that it feels authentically London.
10. Where can people check out more of your work?
My Instagram is @4STRINGSZ, I have some visual content on YouTube for a series I started called no strings attached where I made beats and freestyled over them with the electric violin.
Check out 4Stringsz 'Self-Made' Spotlight Series video below #StookiMovement

Photography & Video by: @stooki @dj_lukey @nadstooki
Executive produced by: @mayamihoc
Styled by: @zlatating

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