'Self-Made' Spotlight Series: Axel Blake

The Stööki 'Self-Made' Spotlight Series shines a spotlight on independent creatives who are doing bits with their craft.

It’s time to meet Axel Blake - UK’s top-tier comedian who has joined our ‘Self-Made’ spotlight series to share a perspective on being self-made in the fascinating world of comedy and much more!

Written By Tasnim H.


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The rising star has officially landed as a comical champ, causing joy and inspiration to those he meets directly and indirectly. Though it’s important to note, the ride to get there wasn’t easy-breezy from the get-go.

Blake may not have made a lasting impression in his first audition, but this didn’t stop him from experiencing a soul recognition that this scene is where he was supposed to be, so he pursued it with no regrets.

Following his heart worked out for the best as he achieved his first headline show - ‘I’m not gonna lie’ - in 2018, a life-long goal that played out well into his idea of being self-made.




The man sure does have charisma as he captures the audience’s hearts while being on stage, whether to deliver stand-up comedy, present for UNILAD, Crep Protect, or SBTV, host a range of shows, and of course, produce a sequence of humorous video sketches.

Blake expresses how dedication and hard work will always pay off to transform those dreams into reality and finally say that he has made it. He strives to continue creating content that offers relatability to the masses, simultaneously taking advantage of modern-day trends, and there is no doubt that he will succeed.


Being in the entertainment industry for a while now, Blake highlights the importance of staying true to oneself, that by finding your own voice reaps the benefits, making you the happiest in the end.


*17th APRIL 2022 UPDATE* Congratulations to Axel as he received the golden buzzer from Simon Cowell on Britain's Got Talent on last Saturday's episode. We will be locking in to the live shows to support. Man's on his way to even bigger things now! Check out the clip here:



BTS Video #1



Leaving a positive impact by being an exemplary model that dreams indeed come true, he hopes to achieve a memorable legacy, touching the hearts of those who look up to him. 


Follow him on Instagram to relish in laughter! - @axelcomedian


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