Sainté for New Wave Magazine wearing Stööki Jewellery



Check out the incredibly talented Zimbabwe-born, Leicester-raised rapper Sainté who it New Wave Magazine’s most recent cover star! His unique jazz-infused flow is taking the music scene by storm, and you won't want to miss it. Dive into the editorial photos inside and get a glimpse of his undeniable talent. Keep an eye out for a few  Stööki rings featured in the spread and jöin the mövement... 👀


@ys.sainte for @nwavemagazine

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Been a pleasure team


Creative direction: George Morris & Jasmine Wangpanya
@__georgemorris__ @wangpanyaa
Photographer: George Morris @__georgemorris__
Styled by: Jasmine Wangpanya @wangpanyaa
Styling assistant: Tori Parry @toriparryy
MUA: Noemie Adebiyi @noemie.adebiyi
Gaffer: Fin Grover @filmwithfin
Photo assistant: Sophia Leon @sophiia.leon & Mary Ngwu @maryngwu_