Rachel Megawhat - 'Art in the Age of Now' Exhibition #ArtThursdays

Rachel Megawhat is set to prosper in all her pursuits of art! 

Written by Tasnim H.

Following a successful photography career, Rachel Megawhat has progressively emerged her name into artistry. She expresses a dystopian aesthetic into her artworks by detailing out urban landscapes of Britain’s capital. Rachel explores the authenticity of her hometown as Central London ignites the impulse to brush up an empty canvas, the city being her muse during the winter lockdown.  “They are me trying to make sense of the nonsensical situation of living in a locked-down where luxury construction continues unimpeded.” - Rachel Megawhat.

The idea of her art unravelling a deeper narrative holds somewhat of importance. The artist maintains a balance between a form of art that holds a story behind it and art that shines in the spotlight on its own. She started as a photographic assistant as a teenager and completed a foundation art school year in her early 20s. The artist has managed to balance both specialisms throughout her life, mastering the two equally. 


Rachel dives deeper into the activity of photographing flowers by embracing a new perspective when associating terms with flowers. Rachel highlights how flowers can signify the key moments of life such as births, deaths and marriages. With this unique perspective in place, she planned to foretell the eternal truths and beauty to showcase an understanding of the current problems in our society today.

Before dedicating her time to curate art based on the theme of “How internet technology would impact society in the early 2000s, Rachel kickstarted her photography venture by taking up training in a photography studio. Progressively, she secured her achievement as an established political photographer later on in her career and is an honourable member of the British Press Photographers Association. 

Check out her website: Somethingtoseehere.com and her Instagram: @somethingtoseehere to keep up with her latest ventures.  

 Written by: Tasnim H. 

Interviews by: @stooki
Video by: @PurpleContrast
Photography by: @PurpleContrast DJ _Lukey 
Executive Produced by: @yellowdotart_ @Maya_Mihoc





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