Patrick Boyd - 'Art in the Age of Now' Exhibition #ArtThursdays

When we think of art, it’s impossible to define it into one means of expression, which is why it’s in Stööki’s motive to maintain the multidisciplinary philosophy that art can convey.

The award-winning British creator, Patrick Boyd, has embarked on a road of success and glory by diversifying through various creative specialties. He’s accustomed to creating and producing art from a very young age thanks to his educational background and upbringing, excelling in his mastery throughout the years. 

Written by Tasnim H.



“I work at the intersection of photography, holography, art, and science. Combining all of it with installation and a unique graphic language. I try to create imagery that is both compelling and emotive” - Patrick Boyd.  

The artist’s passion for holograms ignited during his postgraduate years as a photography and holography student at the Royal College of Art. During this period of his life, it gave rise to Boyd creating his portfolio of holographic masterpieces that he has shared for you all to admire right here. One of his holographic portraits has also been called the Mona Lisa of holographic art, namely the Lucy in a Tin Hat’.

1989, 43 x 32 cm, Reflection hologram
The cinematics has also stimulated Boyd’s work with holography in many ways: He created an almost holographic picture postcard with an animation that lasts for about 4 in a moving 3D image. In 2015, he produced the show - Man with a Holo Camera, stimulated by the visual works of 
the Russian cinematographer Dziga Vertov, after Boyd constructed a holography lab in his studio. Being well known for experimentation in his field of work, Boyd recently started creating lenticular prints with a 3-dimensional effect derived from a sequence of photographs. 


The source of inspiration of Boyd’s installations comes from imaginary multi-universes and the desire to present a colourful world through his creation where it simultaneously draws in real life, narrative, light, and shadow, offering a different kind of escapism for his enthusiasts. Luckily his inspiration remained constant in a state of the pandemic where change was inevitable as he had the comfort of his studio to stay proactive in his artistry.


Boyd is firm that 2021 will be his year with the pleasure of the gallery reopening, which gives him more opportunity to showcase his masterpieces to everyone. On another note, he has some advice for fellow up-and-coming artists: they should spend less time wandering the what-ifs of potential success and seize the day! 

Nevertheless, his accomplishments aren’t just noticed in Britain but also in the Museum of Holography in New York, where he was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship as an artist residency and to partake in the HoloCenter Pulse Laser Holography program for multiple projects. The artist currently has a group show at Woolff Gallery in London and is exhibiting his own solo show in the Courtyard gallery at Hereford on Wednesday 6th of October. 



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 Written by: Tasnim H. 

Interviews by: @stooki
Video by: @PurpleContrast
Photography by: @DJ _Lukey
Executive Produced by: @yellowdotart_ @Maya_Mihoc



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