Nic Mac - 'Art in the Age of Now' Exhibition #ArtThursdays

Artistry is more than just a mundane concept turned into a visual ever so pleasing to the human eye. The colours, techniques, and style - Everything that makes an art piece for what it is can set forth an awe-inspiring purpose: Unravelling a deeper meaning for curious minds to wander, the moment the artist connects with their audience, which every creative strives to achieve.

It was in Stööki’s good fortune to meet an exemplary artist that has this kind of drive, by the name of Nic Mac.  A London-based artist who specialises in digital illustration and creating murals.   

Written by Tasnim H.

Nic Mac has mastered storytelling through her art, highlighting topics under technology, the environment, and her most significant, mental health. The illustrator uses her talent to abandon the trend of shying away from discussing severe issues so that individuals can get a sense of relatability and be seen and understood based on her work.


One of Mac’s projects included joining forces with a charity that supports mental health initiatives. She fulfilled her role wonderfully by collaborating with other creatives to develop the Wrestling Demons Contribution - ‘Decanted Demon’ artwork which contributed to mental health awareness. The project involved giving a voice to individuals to share their struggles of fighting their demons; as a result, Nic Mac came into partnership with Chef Elizabeth Haigh to translate her story into a colourful masterpiece.


However, her effort to build art through mental health awareness campaigns doesn’t stop there. Regarding the ‘Art in the Age of Now’ exhibition, she created a mural with David Oku to represent the ‘hidden’ negative aspects of mental health struggles while simultaneously giving hope that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. You can read more about it here



Nic Mac got candid with Stööki on her artistic inclination from the hustle and bustle of the city through her travels and explorations with, of course, her handy sketchbook. Unfortunately, the global pandemic set its obstacles in reaching her ultimate source of inspiration, but this didn’t prevent her productivity. Her plans for the future revolve around her ambition to negate the mental health stigma through writing and illustrating her own medium - a comic book and novel - based on the reality of dealing with mental health issues. 



Don’t miss out and check out more of Nic Mac’s artwork by heading to her website: and follow her on Instagram @nicmacillustration to keep up with her latest ventures.


 Written by: Tasnim H. 

Interviews by: @stooki
Video by: @PurpleContrast
Photography by: @DJ _Lukey
Executive Produced by: @yellowdotart_ @Maya_Mihoc





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