New Music Friday: Camidoh

We're back with a New Music Friday. We had the pleasure of linking up with Ghanaian star and leading Afrobeats innovator Camidoh.

We met up after his two sold out shows in London at the Stööki Studio to have a chat about how he first got into music, his fashion style and his hotly anticipated debut album!.. 👀



1. Hi Camidoh! Please can you introduce yourself?

My name is Raphael Camidoh Kofi Attachie, popularly known as Camidoh. I am an Afro-Pop R&B artist. I got heavily inspired by Akon at a very early age, around the age of 15 - 16.

I wanted to be a pilot growing up, but I developed so much passion for music because of Akon’s music and I decided to give it a try, and here I am today becoming a global superstar.

2. Welcome to London! How's your trip been so far?

Thank you very much! Actually this is not my first time, I've come to London so many times. The trip so far has been cool and awesome, my team is always working hard as well to make sure I work and I don't become a lazy artist. Except that it's really cold haha, but yes man I'm managing.

3. How were the two sold out Compozer shows at the OUTERNET?

That was really awesome to be honest, big up King Sark! It was King Sark and The Compozers that put on the show together and I'm just really proud of myself to have been able to be a part of the program and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Both days I came and the crowd sang along with me and my music. It was fun and I enjoyed myself. It was one of the high moments I’ve had this year and I pray for more of that. I also want to use the opportunity to say shout outs to The Compozers and to King Sark. He's been one of my inspirations after Akon. He's never gone below his level so shout outs to King Sark.

4. What’s your favourite thing about performing live?

I love performing live because it helps me to be dynamic. I don't literally have to sing how the song is on the record. I get the chance to play around with my voice, the people, the crowd, and allow them to sing with me on certain verses and all of that. One of the main reasons I love performing live is because it allows you to be flexible and not rigid.

5. How did you get into making music?

It was literally me being inspired by Akon and then giving it a try myself. I gave it a try because I felt like there was a drive, you know? Then I tried a couple times and I was getting better at every try. So I decided to just keep the momentum going and all of a sudden I developed so much passion for music that I told my mum and family I didn't want to pursue being a pilot anymore. I wanted to put it on hold and just pursue music. I'm glad I did that and made this decision cause I'm not regretting it, I'm enjoying every bit of it.

6. Who are your music influences?

Like I said when I began, it was Akon who actually influenced me. He's the number one influencer of my music and even the type of music that I make. I realised that I make a lot of love related songs because of Akon and naturally as a human being, I love to preach love. But I love to sing more about emotionally connecting issues. So if I'm gonna sing about an issue, it has to really connect to me emotionally.

There’s also Sarkodie definitely. Chris Brown and there was a group who I think are from the UK, I don't know if they're still like a group. They were called N-Dubz, Dappy and one lady and another guy, they were awesome. They really inspired me when I was coming up but right now I just draw inspiration from everyone. I allow everyone to influence me in every positive way possible.

7. What is your song writing process like?

With my songwriting process, I don't have to be rigid about it. I'm always very flexible. Sometimes I can just listen to an instrumental and then boom, I start imagining things.

Sometimes I have certain issues that are bothering me already, so I just try to see if it suits the instrumental. Some instrumentals are so busy that you can't really talk about certain issues, you know? Sometimes I'm just there and literally things around me just help me to make music. It's easy like that. My music making process is so easy, like I don't have to stress about it I just have to want to do it, then I do it. But most importantly, it has to be something that really connects to my spirit. That's why I don't like to do it when I'm not feeling like it.

8. What are your goals for 2023/24?

In 2023 I really want to cement myself as an African artist. I don't really want people to only identify me as a Ghanaian artist. I really want to cut across as an African artist. An artist who can really appeal to people in East Africa, West Africa, North Africa, you know, South Africa, like literally across the whole of Africa. That's my main aim in 2023. And then also I want to be able to put out a project. I feel like I've been doing EP’s for way too long, this is my third EP that I released.

So yeah it's time for a major project, maybe a mixtape at least to test the waters for a project but I don't think I'm ready for an album yet. It's like saying whether or not you're ready to have a baby or not, you know what I mean? So you want to, basically decide to take care of a few kids or adopt a child and all of that.

So it’s those two things I think, I want to be able to establish myself as an African artist and put out a project and then just allow [the] universe to carry me on like that.

9. Tell us about your debut album release next month?

Well it's not my debut album, it's a mixtape to be honest. I don't even know if I wanna call it an album right now. So let's just say… Tell us more about the project?

The project is called L.I.T.A. which says in full, Love.Is.The.Answer, like I said earlier I'm just a human being who loves to promote and preach Love. Love is one thing that really means the world to me because I feel like I'm really like a soft type of n****. I'm a soft type of man who just believes in love and you know, being meek and just being soft and loving. I'm not saying don't be disciplined, but I just believe that allowing love to drive you is the best way a human being can live. There's no point in fighting, there's no point in using an argument to sort out issues. I feel like there's so much pain in the world and all that we need right now is just love, so that's just what I want to put across.

So in a mixtape or in a project. I just want the world to know that love is truly the answer that we've been looking for all this while. I'm not too sure about the release date but as soon as I'm sure about it I'll communicate, just stay tuned on my social media pages and you’ll know.

10. Describe your ideal day off?

I don't even think I have day-offs bro to be honest. If I'm gonna describe that, then I just think I wanna hang out with my guys and just chat, you know, reminisce, gossip sometimes about positive things. Just talk about stuff that's going on around us, just talk about stuff like that. Maybe play some games and watch some shows. I love action movies and all that, so maybe watch a movie or hang out with family or just check in. I just like to pick up my phone randomly calling siblings and friends that I consider close to me checking in on them. Finding out what's going on and trying to help solve situations. I think that's just the basic, ideal day off for Camidoh.



11. How would you describe your fashion style?

I don't know. I'm just jiggy like that. Anything that really pops and makes me look really “poppy”. Anything that makes me look cool and like attractive and you know, cause I feel like I'm super clean and a cute ass n****, you know what I mean? I'm not trying to be cocky with it, but I just feel like I'm really sweet like that and I love to wear clothes that make me look sweet and attractive as I am. I’m not trying to wear nothing that's making me look like this alien guy and sh*t. Basically anything that makes me look pop, cool and different colours. Yeah, I'm all for that. 

10. What do you like about the Stööki jewellery and the Stööki Movement?

I think I love what I see! Except that I don't wear too much jewellery, but I think you have awesome jewellery. And I respect whoever is behind all of this amazing stuff that you guys have shown me. They're awesome and I think you guys are cool and I appreciate you guys all, man. Just love.


11. Thanks so much for speaking with us! Where can we find more of your music?

I mean thank you for having me and I would like my fans to check out my music. My EP ‘A Lifetime Is Not Enough’. It's already out on all digital platforms and I request one particular song called ‘Adoley’ and then another song which is also coming off my forthcoming project called ‘Beautiful’. I want you guys to please check it out and have a good time. Love life. Love the people that you love cause there's no time you know. Just go with the flow. Peace and love man!

Pre-order Camidoh's vibrant & heartfelt debut album ‘Love Is The Answer (L.I.T.A) - 02/06/23🚀

@stookijewellery @Camidoh - L.I.T.A (Love.Is.The.Answer) - The Mixtape is Out Now! 🙌🚀💙 #Camidoh #Lita #fypシ #CapCut ♬ Body 2 Body (feat. KiDi & Camidoh) - DJ Vyrusky



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