Infinity Realm Recap - Stööki x Yayoi Kusama x Tate


Written by Tasnim H.

 Well it's been a long journey but a journey it has been! Stööki has achieved another success in exhibiting an original art event that is one to remember by its creative enthusiasts, inspired by none other than the incredible Japanese contemporary artist, Yayoi Kusama. Stööki generated a series of masterpieces, ranging from music to live animated visuals and a set-up of Stööki’s jewellery making tools as well as Infinity Realm inspired apparel. Therefore appealing to different types of expressions of arts for different types of consumers according to their preference of either, sound, vision or play. These series of dope exhibitions were situated in London’s finest Tate Modern - its proclaimed to be the crowning achievement of modern art galleries in this vibrant and cosmopolitan city.



Photos courtesy of Dan Weill Photography


Stööki exhibited a live DJ and VJ set in the Tate Modern gallery called the ‘Infinity Realm’ performance which combines a soundscape mixed live with large-scale moving image visuals and projections. Our soundtrack was inspired by the repetition patterns of Yayoi Kusama’s art works. The art pioneer Yayoi Kusama took the world of art by storm with her polkadot aesthetic incorporated into many of her art formats mainly being sculpture and installation including paintings and performance. Kusama’s vision was brought to life in Tate Modern, with the showcase of one of her greatest installations notably the Infinity Mirrored Rooms - Filled with the Brilliance of Life in company with the Chandelier of Grief showpiece transporting visitors into an alternate world of moving crystal chandeliers. The audience that filled the Tate gallery over the course of six weeks were groups of people that wouldn’t normally get a chance to find such an experience. These community groups included: Latin Elephant, Latin American Women’s Aid, Coin Street Seniors Art Group, Coin Street Youth Forum, Shape Arts, A New Direction, Anna Farley, ActionSpace, including a group of parents & neurodiverse children from a local school. Thus projecting and catering towards neurodiverse audiences as a result, the experience was beyond incredible as people were brought together to celebrate and escape into a new creative realm.



Recap Video #1

Many of Kasuma’s art works have inspired some of Stööki’s personal projects, for example Stööki’s geometric design style was similarly driven from Kasuma’s patterns. We’ve integrated Kasuma’s aesthetic into our own in order for it to be utilised in the VJ performance. The purpose of the VJ performance was to be able to encourage public participation and this goal was profoundly achieved through and through. Additionally the Infinity Realm Soundscape produced a mixture of electronic music and some repetitive soundtracks inspired by Yoyoi Kasuma’s influence. 

Recap Video #2



 Overall the project was lead by Stööki’s co-founders: Nadia Abbas and Luke Hippolyte. Our co-founders have each vocalised their feelings towards this success of an event.

Being part of the Infinity Realm was a great experience because it was great to be back into a public facing experience after the 18 month lockdown. It was great to interact with the public again and have them be involved in another Stööki takeover.” - Nadia Abbas 

“We're big fans of Kusama's work and it was really great working with the Tate team to bring our Infinity Realm art piece to life. We wanted to create an immersive experience for a diverse and inclusive audience and bring some fun back into the gallery after the lockdown.” - Luke Hippolyte

Music Selection 


Listen to DJ Lukey's curated selection of tracks inspired by Yayoi Kusama's Mirror Infinity Rooms. His playlist has a focus on electronic music that has a theme of repetition, looping and delay effects to create an atmosphere of infinity and expansiveness. 




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