Image Space Process @ Thames-Side Studios Gallery

 This exhibition features three artists who adopt three distinct and singular approaches to image and object making. Yet within each of their apparently diverse concerns, lies intersections and collisions that inform the work presented here.


Alan Brooks’ practice spans a number of themes and innovations, all linked by a consistent and formidable commitment to complex processes to produce his images. The work Alan shows here, takes inspiration from the Vorticist movement as its starting point. Using the idea of the maelstrom of the crowd, and the Vorticist idea of the artist as order at the centre of the chaos, Alan produces paintings and drawings of extreme complexity and energy.


Alexander Hinks' work seeks to construct a new world of geometric intervention and natural, chaotic event. Drawing his inspiration both from natural phenomena and our artificial or virtual imagination, Hinks creates large scale paintings that test, bend and defy the normally accepted picture plane. His images could show the outer reaches of some vast area of our universe but may also be the interplay of microscopic elements or chemical reactions.

Patrick O’Sullivan makes paintings and sculpture that challenges you to identify them as either. O’Sullivan takes the fundamental elements of colour, texture and the picture plane and arranges them as a challenge to the normal conventions of image making. O'Sullivan's work appears to adopt relatable geometry as its basis, before veering off into a more chaotic interpretation of engagement with our world, closer to the geometry present in a random stack of furniture than to the order reached for in architecture.

Artists featured:

Alexander Hinks

Alan Brooks

Patrick O'Sullivan

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