Gary Mansfield - 'Art in the Age of Now' Exhibition #ArtThursdays

Discover how art can give life a new meaning through the story of Gary Mansfield!

Written by Tasnim H.

Naturally, when people tend to lose their sense of self, we try to find meaning in places where we can connect with ourselves again, such as Art. It provides escapism like nothing else, which Gary Mansfield discovered during his days locked up in a prison cell where the journey towards pursuing his craft had ignited.

As his new creative energy awakened, Mansfield kept motivated by exchanging letters with many established artists such as Sarah Lucas, Gavin Turk, Gary Hume, Tracy Emin, and Mark Wallinger, eventually graduating with a Fine Arts degree.

The artist went through a challenging yet incredible experience in his path of regaining confidence in his identity. Additionally, he has translated his experiences through his art by exploring through various themes like incarceration, showcasing the realities of prison and diving into the depth of identity, time and social injustice. - Take a look into his work here.

Mansfield recognised home as his creative hub but lockdown restrictions followed with family health issues had resulted in a creative block that many artists were vulnerable to during these overwhelming times.

Other than the lack of inclination to inspire creativity, things had picked up for the artist in January when he was approached to participate in the project for the Art in the Age of Now exhibition. Mansfield spoke on how this opportunity arose at the perfect time to give him that heart-warming reminder that despite being in a cloudy headspace, creating art will always be his happy place.




The artist’s life experiences provide him with immense relatability and the hope to connect with others in similar situations that he was in. Therefore he’s been a great influence by running art workshops to support the homeless and ex-offenders, inspiring change and positivity to those he meets.

Mansfield is the main fundraiser for Katie Piper Foundation, (A UK charity dedicated to supporting burns survivors and trauma-scarring victims) and is the established Director for one of the World’s renowned prison art charities: Koestler Trust. Not to mention he’s created the Ministry of Arts Podcast in order to collaborate with a range of artists from all backgrounds to share their induction into the world of artistry. 

Follow the rising star artist on Instagram - @mizogart.

 Written by: Tasnim H. 

Interviews by: @stooki
Video by: @PurpleContrast
Photography by: @DJ _Lukey
Executive Produced by: @yellowdotart_ @Maya_Mihoc





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