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We start off this series with a Netflix exclusive - Entergalactic - it is a charming animated rom-com story created by Kid Cudi, who also lends his voice as the lead role, alongside an all-star cast. 

The 90minute Netflix special is divided into chapters, instead of the original intention of releasing as a series. In the opening scene we are introduced to Kid Cudi’s character Jabari, accompanied by a snippet of the musical soundtrack which is also produced by the main protagonist inline with the story. Bari who has just moved in and vibing on the top of his new apartment block is brought quickly back down to earth by the removal man so he can take his life-size Kaws statue back to the crib. This is the catalyst for the first encounter between him and his new neighbour, Meadow. 

The entirety of the movie is a positive love story based in New York and the main thread of the movie is focused around Jabari looking forward to getting his comic book published whilst trying to not be distracted by Meadow and the ex that he still has feelings for getting in the way of the fresh romance.

The film pays tribute to the late Virgil Abloh, who was heavily involved in the creation of the film’s costume designs before his untimely death in late 2021. Abloh was a close friend to Kudi and played an integral role in making sure the characters looked fresh to death in every scene. In an interview with Netflix, Cudi explained that it was important that the characters changed into different clothes as time went on instead of the usual thing in animation of keeping characters in the same clothes day after day. The most famous example of this is most likely the Simpsons.


The cinematography is quite spectacular too. As it stands for an animation, no detail was spared and the closer you look, the more you can notice frame by frame. The colour palette is very dream like and fantastical which adds to the stimulating visual experience.


This feature film was accompanied with a soundtrack fully covered by Kid Cudi, and the tracks in in the movie almost sign itself to a musical that follows the journey of the story.

Listen to the Entergalactic Soundtrack:

Throughout the film, it’s impossible not to notice the vibrancy of the animation and artwork. It’s a feast for the eyes that captures even the smallest of details within the crisp drawing style. It is a positive Black love story that is a much needed, refreshing watch for 2022. 

Stööki Sëës Elements:

ART - The art style of the film is very reminiscent to Spiderman: Into The Spider-Verse Marvel film. Overall very visually pleasing imagery if you are a fan of that film. 

MUSIC - The soundtrack composed by Kid Cudi with features from some of the co-stars of the film is a good accompaniment that follows the story.

FASHION - For eagle-eyed viewers that noticed QR codes throughout the story, if scanned, as well as "secret' webpages related to the film, one actually links to merchandise that could be purchased such as the Closure hoody worn on the poster and in various scenes. 

Stööki Sëës Rating:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  out of  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Entergalactic is available to stream worldwide now on Netflix

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Written by: @nadstooki

Images courtesy of Netflix