dxvl – "Virgil Abloh and Tesco Meal Deals" by Purple Contrast  

For the past 3 years, producer-turned-rapper dxvl has been rising through the ranks of the UK underground music scene. Hailing from Croydon, South London, dxvl has sculpted a one-off creative style.

By staying independent and by both producing and rapping over his own tracks, dxvl has been able to pioneer his own music vision allowing for an unparalleled innovative flair.

Celestial synths and laid-back flows are regular appearances throughout dxvl’s discography, a formula which has been increasingly praised throughout the UK and the worldwide music industry. Such admiration can be evidenced through recent streaming figures such as over 2 million Spotify streams on the track “Garms”. Dxvl has also gained global recognition from international figures such as ‘Off White’ founder and ‘Louis Vuitton’ artistic director, Virgil Abloh, a music and fashion icon, who recently placed dxvl into his very limited ‘Imaginary Radio Station’ playlist.

Working with the likes of Sam Wise, Ayrtn and Ashbeck, dxvl is championing collaboration and co-creation throughout the UK’s expanding underground rap scene making him a perfect representative of the Stooki lifestyle and #stookimovement.

We met up with dxvl and discussed his music career this far and what’s in store for the future…



1. Introduce yourself…

dxvlI’m dxvl, I’m from South London. I’m an artist; I make music; I make my own beats; I rap and I DJ. That’s me man.


2. We’re in your hometown of Croydon right now, how would you say your environment has influenced your music?

So I live in a very quiet area, with lots of greenery so it’s kind of just influenced my music to make peaceful, mellow music and not really the conventional type of stuff. It helps being in an environment where it’s quiet and you’re by yourself, you can go on walks and go to places like this [gardens] and then sit by yourself and write and just be creative.


3. If you could describe your music in 3 words, what would they be?

That’s a good question. ‘Ethereal’, ‘spacey’ and I don’t want to say vibey… ‘dynamic’, yeah I’d say ‘dynamic’.


4.How did you form your creative style?

Just by not wanting to make the conventional type of music, wanting to make something that nobody’s really done before in the UK. I used to listen to a lot of beats back in 2016 and I was thinking ‘yeah this is different’. But I kept hearing the same stuff on the radio and that didn’t really appeal to me, no disrespect to them but I just wanted to make something different, and I guess I’ve done that.


Dxvl - Reefer (Music Video)




5. Who has influenced your music the most?

I’d say LORDFUBU and ICYTWAT, Divine Council, Pi’erre Bourne as well, Carti, just people who are in their own lane and just doing something completely different and aren’t afraid to step out of the box.



6. What made you start rapping as well as producing?

I got tired of people not taking in my beats. When I used to send beats, people just used to air them, so I thought you know what, I’m fed up of doing this, let me just try and freestyle. I freestyled one time and then it kind of just worked. I think that was 2019 and from then on, I just started running it up.




7. What other artists would you most like to collaborate with?

ICYTWAT, BlazeYL, Sam Wise, I’ve already got something with Sam but I want to do a new thing with him. Carti, Pi’erre and Lancey Fouxx.


8. What’s your go-to meal deal?

That is so random. Naked Smoothie, the purple one not the green rubbish, hoisin duck rap and Thai sweet chilli sensations crisps.


9. Your track “Garms’ was recently featured on one of Virgil Abloh’s radio playlists. What was that like and how did you find out?

I was with my girl and then my boy facetimed me and said ‘you know Virgil Abloh just posted you on his Instagram’ and I was like ‘your chatting shit’ and then he told me to look and I thought he meant on his story and I didn’t see it. I called him back and was like ‘what are you talking about?’ and he told me it was on his actual insta so I went back on it and thought what the fuck that’s actually crazy. How is Virgil Abloh finding out about me and the mandem? I was so shocked, but it was very humbling and it shows that the right people are looking at what we’re doing so I guess I’m doing something right.


10. What was it like reaching over 2 million streams on your track “Garms” this year?

It’s good man, I appreciate everyone who’s supporting me and everyone who’s running up my music. It still hasn’t really deeped that I’ve got 2 million streams, it hasn’t really hit or processed. I’ve still got a lot of stuff on the way and a lot to do so this is still the beginning but I’m so grateful for 2 million streams.


11. What’s next for you?

 Music wise – more tapes and more albums, I’ve also got some more videos on the way, I’ve got a few that are ready to drop. I’m probably sitting on 50+ unreleased singles right now. More music, we’re just going to run it up the whole year, 2021 were not stopping or slowing down. We’re going to run it up this year. 

12. Where can people find more of your work?

Dxvl instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dxvl77/?hl=en

Dxvl Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7aVN7GGnvCgEnZpykvn1fj

Dxvl YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCte1mFMrm_p9uIf2GvRkp3Q


 Photography by: Purple Contrast

Words by: Harris Bourne

Featuring: dxvl


Listen to the dxvl's 'Sorry For The Summer' Project!



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