Have you got the Championship Mindset? Over the coming weeks Stööki will be championing people in different lanes. Everyone has their own journey and obstacles to hurdle, but every Champion has the same Winning Mindset 🏆




We are looking for driven, focused, pro-active individuals and creators who are on a mission to achieve their goals. We believe that your hustle, style & culture and “Champion Mindset” speaks to Stööki as a brand, so we want to represent this with true heroes from the past and present.




We want to collaborate on producing organic content that will be a part of our Championship Collection campaign. We will be pushing your response videos across all our platforms to help with promotion, along with a press release and posting on blogs and media pages to gain more awareness.

If you are interested in joining The Championship please email info@stooki.co.uk




🏁 🏁 🏁