#ArtThursdays - Wumzum's Belated Bday Exhibition

19th - 20th November 2022

For this week's feature we had a look at Wumzum's latest exhibition which took place in Stoke Newington.

Last Saturday, the Stööki Craft Makers headed to Wumzum’s exhibition in Stoke Newington that had been on hold since the beginning of October! If you have ever put on an event before, you would know that sometimes there are things that are out of your control, such as venues pulling out! Luckily, Club 8 Stoke Newington came to the rescue to host the belated bday celebration...  

Wumi “Wumzum” Olaosebikan is a Nigerian-British illustrator, muralist and animator who specialises in character & world design. Wumzum’s craft has taken him across 4 continents and takes inspiration from a range of sources: the visual language of comics; the interactivity of video games; the dynamism of graffiti; and the fluidity of the London Jazz scene.
The artwork on display were a selection of everything that Wumzum has created over the years from pieces inspired by Stamford Hill, up to recent works of musicians.
Wumzum's signature style of vibrant characters come equipped with all his interests encapsulated in each drawing.
The screens at Club No. 8 were put to good use as well. Showcasing time-lapses of Wumzum's digital drawing process from start to finish.
The exhibition has just been extended until Sunday 27th November, so if you are in the area then check it out!
Club No. 8,
Stoke Newington Basement,
N16 7XN
Follow more of Wumzum's journey on insta: @wumzum

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