#ArtThursdays: The Other Art Fair

For this week's #ArtThursday we went to The Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane and had a look at the The Other Art Fair which took place between March 17th-20th.


This year marks a very special one for The Other Art Fair as it's the 10 year anniversary of the show! And what a great show it was...spread across two floors of the Old Truman Brewery and covering over 150 artists.

The fair continues its mission of re-framing art and how it is experienced by viewers. Though this year, there’s an extra-special focus on showcasing female talent, with a majority-female artist line-up being showcased. 

Coinciding with International Women’s Day, the art fair will champion female creatives and heavily female-led industries that are often excluded from art fairs, such as textiles and floristry.

The popularity of the fair has seemed to have grown over the last 10 years as the queue to get in over the weekend spread all the way down Brick Lane. It's amazing to see the support for artists, especially smaller independent ones, that gain recognition through being a part of this show.

The exhibition had art for everyone. There was a nice variety of the traditional kind of artworks that springs to mind when thinking of the topic, but also art that is a bit more obscure such as basketballs that have been turned into wearable handbags.

Being a part of this art show is also a great opportunity for the artists to expose themselves to a new audience and make sales to members of the public and not just art collectors! 

A big observation we had whilst going around the show was that there was a lot of young people exhibiting their work. This was very refreshing especially for a major show of this scale.

There is no doubt about the amount of talent that The Other Art Fair has unveiled yet again on their platform! See some more of our favourite highlights below:


Exhibition Credentials

 Artists featured:



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