Postcards From The Volcano MASS Sculpture Group Show @ Thames-Side Studios

1st - 8th July 2023


Postcards From The Volcano is another group show hosted by the MASS Sculpture Programme at Thames-Side Studios. We visited the private view of the exhibition last week!

The opening night of the exhibition was in full effect with a great turnout of studio holders and supporters of the artists



Clare Jarrett, part of something much bigger, ceramic, 25 x 210 x 200 cm, 2023

 This was the end-of-year show of participants who have taken part in the MASS Sculpture programme over the past 10 months.  The idea of the programme is to nurture the artists involved by offering in-person critiques of work as this helps to build a sustainable community of peers and mentors.

Andy Gomez, Plasticiser, glasswax, steel, 180 x 100 x 15cm, 2023 

The sculptures on display invited viewers to have a closer look to work out what everything was formed out of.  

Karen Byrne, With perfect breeding, digital print textile, wadding, thread, 160cm x 160cm, 2023 

Mixed media was a common thread of the art that was on display at the show. Everything from textiles, glass, clay and found objects created a plethora of work to examine.

Susan Young, Masak-masak, mixed media, dimensions variable, 2023


Artworks were displayed across two spaces on site - the Thames-Side Studio Gallery and at the MASS Sculpture HQ across the road. 

Live performances amongst the art was an added touch to the evening as well as some live art workshops that will be running throughout the duration of the show.

If sculpture is your thing, be sure to check it out before it ends on July 8th!

Exhibition Credentials
Curated by Ian Dawson, Alice Wilson and Nicky Hirst
Artists Featured:
Aileen Kelly
Alex Hegazy
Andy Gomez
Belinda Worsley
Carolyn Whittaker
Chuting Lee
Clare Jarrett
Diana Wolzak
Ellie Reid
Jennifer Moore
Karen Byrne
Katie Houston
Kay Senior
Matthew Foster
Ornela Novello
Rachael Causer
Sandy Layton
Seona Myerscough
Susan Young
Tania Salha
Tessa Garland
Tina Culverhouse
Tom Witherick
Vivien Delta
Thames-Side Studios 
Mass Sculpture

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