Grime Stories: from the corner to the mainstream Exhibition at Museum Of London

17 June - 4 December 2022

For this week's #ArtThursday feature we headed to see The Grime Stories exhibition as part of the Fusion Future project with Museum Of London.  We combined the Challenge Day session with the Big Creative Academy students and took in the exhibition before the museum opened on a crispy autumn morning.

Grime Stories is a free display co-curated by Roony 'RiskyRoadz' Keefe honouring the music, people and places central to the grime scene and its roots in East London.


Grime Stories brings you back in time. With mainly a focus on the East London area, the overall presentation of the grime archive was giving gritty vibes because that's where the genre began. Grime music emerged in London, the early 2000s.
Walking through the exhibition, on one side you are welcomed with video archive footage of some of today's grime legends before they hit the fame and became heroes of the genre. Artists such as Ghetts (who was then known as Ghetto) and of course Skepta & JME.

On the other side of the exhibition, there was a reconstruction of the door and stairs to Jammer's famous basement. This was the genesis of 'Lord of The Mics'. It felt like you were actually underground as the walls and floor of the museum had been covered in signatures, just like the real basement of everyone who had passed through to record!


The illustrations found throughout the exhibition were done by Willkay Oddking. The panoramic landscape hits you as soon as you enter the space and makes for a great backdrop for a few portraits to remember the visit to the museum. 



Stööki Avatar designed by Max Saska

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Ps.  We are so proud of Willkay coming this far with his work and building connections with major museums. Stööki was fortunate enough to collaborate with Willkay back in 2015 on a t-shirt remembering our 3rd co-founder Quincey. Check out the design here