#ArtThursdays: Artist Spötlight - Leona Maneechak 🎨⚡


 Illustrated by Leona - featuring the Quoise Sovereign Ring, Initial Ring, Element Ring, Cano Necklace and Capricorn Necklace

1. Who are you? What do you do?

My name is Leona Maneechak. I am 17 and I am an Asian-British artist, graphic designer and illustrator from London.


An illustration by Leona - featuring the Diamond Legacy Sweatshirt and Diamond Legacy Cargo Trousers.

2. How would you describe your artistic style?

A mishmash of perfect imperfections, I love to combine styles and techniques, to expose the creation process and to tell a story of progression.


An illustration by Leona of the Aquarius necklace

3. Where's your main go-to for inspiration?

Definitely Pinterest, the curation of my likes just feels like artistic heaven for me.


 An illustration by Leona of the Gemini necklace

4. Who are your biggest artistic influences?

I recently discovered The Bailey, the illustrator at the London Illustration Fair and I fell in love with the dark fantasy of their work, also, Wuon-Gean Ho, an amazing lino print artist who I couldn't wish more to be like. 


5. Tell me about your favourite medium?

While digital art, like procreate, is my most used medium due to ease of use, it isn’t my favourite medium, lino print is. I am fascinated by the contrast of ink and the use of marks and negative space to create a beautiful print that can be reproduced several time authentically. I even love the imperfections in uneven ink. it shows not everything will be the same despite being from the same printing block.
An illustration by Leona of the Scorpio necklace

6. Describe how art is important to society?

Art and creativity is sometimes one of the best ways to communicate non verbally as children but also as adults, good communication is key to a functioning society. Furthermore, creativity allows the mind to flourish and that’s extremely important to me.


7. What motivates you to create?

I can’t pin exactly what it is. I will just see an image and my brain kind of explodes with ideas of communicating this exact image in my own way. I see something and I’m filled with the urge to present this to the world in my own beautiful way.

This is when our next Jewellery-Making Workshops will be happening - come along! Created by Leona.

8. How have you found working with Stöôki? Tell us more about the illustrations you have made with us?

It's been absolutely amazing, I have learnt the industry works and felt value in the work designers do for companies. I have created adverts and flyers but have also been given an amazing amount of freedom to illustrate products like the Stellar Moon Collection, I was immensely happy to do, loving astrology and constellations myself.

An illustration by Leona of the Cancer Necklace

9. What are your plans for 2023?

I hope to be accepted into UAL to complete a foundation year at uni and also develop some illustrations to sell and to grow as an artist in the big wide world. 

 An illustration by Leona - featuring the UNITY Signet Ring, ULTRAONYX Sovereign Ring, CONNECTION Necklace and Calm Charm

10. What would you like your legacy to be?

I want young children, adults and everyone to be able to communicate and want to facilitate communication in the world. It was something I struggled with and I want to help others tell their own story, whether it be through book illustrations or workshops. Whenever, wherever I can help others to communicate, I will do it.


Leona illustrated all the necklaces in the Stellar Moon Collection within a constellation

10. What do you like about the #StookiMovement?

I love the promotion of a creative lifestyle, dana, youth culture. I also like, in line with my own beliefs - the idea of movement and going forward in this world.

An illustration by Leona of the Capricorn necklace 

11. Where can people find more of your work?

I am on Instagram: @lilitheillustrator or email me at: lilitheillustrator05@gmail.com