TIME Art Exhibition

6th ~ 15th April

For this week's #ArtThursday we went to see the TIME Art Exhibition over the Easter bank holiday weekend.


This show is taking place at the Business Design Centre in Islington and is quite a personal showcase as all the art that is involved has been made by someone who has been affected by brain cancer in some way from patients, clinicians or researchers. The showcase has been put on to raise awareness of the trauma that the people go through, whether it’s themselves or a loved one that suffer with the disease. The mission of this project as stated by the charity itself is “to help raise awareness of our mission to defeat brain tumours.” 

Taking place in one of the wings of the Business Design Centre, an elevator leads up to the space and upon entering the vast room with two floors you are welcomed to a colourful array of artworks and a stage where the all important silent auction will take place.

The exhibition features a wide range of mixed media such as sculptures, scans, photographs, illustrations and paintings that have been submitted by the community that tells the stories of people directly affected by the disease.

As well as artwork that has been created as a reaction of experience, the exhibition also features pieces that have been made by upcoming and renowned artists from around the world not just in the UK. One artist that stood out to us in particular was STONEY and his story. Stoney was an artist later in life but had started out as a former race car driver and a musician with a record label - Loony Records. He used art as a tool to express himself, especially due to his struggle with dyslexia and autism.

The artistic style that can be seen from Stoney’s work is very colourful with ties to street art that are adorned with personal quotes that hit hard and make the viewer really take in what is being expressed on each canvas. Stoney was unfortunately diagnosed with a brain tumour in February 2019 and passed away in June of that year which meant the art world had lost a true innovator. The TIME Art exhibition is a great entry point into discovering artists like this and their work that have a legacy behind it. Even though Stoney is no longer here, his work is still touring around the world today which is an amazing way for more awareness to be built as The Brain Tumour charity was one that was dear to his heart due to loosing his father to the same thing 10 years prior.

This exhibition is definitely hard-hitting due to the nature of the subject at hand and even though the artists weren’t there in person to give insight into the art, the works spoke for themselves as reading the captions aside each piece told a different story amongst people that had been along a similar journey.


The live auction is taking place later today at the business design centre with the intention to raise a lot of money for the Brain Tumour Charity. It is an affordable silent auction for some of the pieces being displayed with all proceeds going towards accelerating a cure. Visitors have been able to bid on the artwork via a QR code throughout the duration of the exhibition with updates being made to the website as it happens.


It was a great insight speaking to some of the organisers at the show, Tamsin who is the Individual Giving Officer for the charity, let us know that because getting results from the research for this particular cancer is quite slow, they might not always be in line to get the biggest amount of funding first. Putting on this auction is really important in the hopes of finding a cure quicker.  We told Hannah, who is the event organiser of the show itself, that we were touched by whole show and the stories behind them and that it is really important for things like this to continue so that people who are not directly affected can be made aware of what is going on.

Upon asking Event Assistant Livvie if the charity would think of doing something like this again for the public to get behind, it was a “hope so” because shows like this take a lot of time and effort from the whole team to get behind. They will have to see how the auction goes in order to decide if it is worth doing again. When we visited, the online auction total currently stood at £9,575 so by the time this post is out we hope that a lot more of the artists have sold at the live event and that they smash through the target!

If you would like to know more about the charity, how you can help support or take part in the auction please visit the official website here



Time live auction

When – 13 April 2023


Opening times – 5.30pm – 8pm


Where – The Business Design Centre, Upper Street, Islington, London N1


Join us as for a live auction of some of our most exclusive artwork from the Time Art Exhibition.


You can purchase sculptures, paintings, textiles and photographs, donated by incredible and renowned artists from around the globe.


Exhibition Credentials

 Artists featured:

Helena Traill


Ariela Wetheimer

Hannah Gibson

David Shringley

Russell West

Nicolas Knotaxis
& more.... 



TIME Art Exhibition


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