31st March - 24th April

This week, we went down to support PiNS and took a look at the TECH IT EASY Exhibition in South London.

Taking place in the heart of Brixton at the Tate Library, the dedicated space for TECH TIME is a showcase of artwork from PIN’s archive of past and present. The premise of the show is to get the public off of their devices and enjoy real life experience interacting with the artwork and the artist himself.

'Tech It Easy' is a call to action by local artist PiNS, to being more mindful of our technology usage & the effects it may have on our own mental well being

PiNS was present for most of the duration of the show, which gave him the opportunity to interact with all of the community that passed through the space and help to grow exposure. Being part of the community is deep rooted in Pins’ ethos as an artist. Connection is so important and being present to answer questions about everything on show brings another energy into the space rather then just having pictures on the wall.


The exhibition features PINS’ signature style of canvases and apparel adorned with bold colours and striking graphics.

Nothing is off-limits when creating artwork, including cardboard boxes!

Artworks that are reminiscent of road signs are a humorous play on the objects that are seen in everyday life.

Something PINS always does at his activations is create a piece of artwork for the duration of the exhibition that evolves and gets the community involved. This time, it was using the only wall that wasn’t lined with PINS’ artwork to stick up comments from everyone that came in the room. By the end of the show, the whole wall was covered in colourful bits of paper the reflect the ideas of the audience. Nothing but inspiration and time to focus on what matters…

"Focusing on my own journey and not comparing against others. Go @ your own pace" - Stööki

As an advocate for enjoying life in real time, a lot of the pieces on show encouraged the viewer to keep away from endlessly scrolling.

Photos of some of PiNS' large scale work were also on show like the shutter that was painted for the YKK showroom in Shoreditch.


PiNS' custom sign donned the walls of the Brixton Tate Library.

After viewing the exhibition, you could take a piece of PiNS artwork home in the form of a mini canvas or merch.

It's always a pleasure linking up with PiNS and his latest endeavours so keep an eye out for what's next!


Exhibition Credentials

 Venue: @BrixtonLibrary

Artist: @PiNS_Artist


Check out Pinspired for more information on the exhibition


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